His wife almost caught us.

Going to my married fwb’s flat, who is my neighbour can be incredibly risky especially when his wife is only out to run some quick errands. But we both enjoy the thrill of getting caught.

The other day, we wanted to do our usual quickie where he would bend me over their kitchen table lift my dress and thrust his cock deep inside me. It’s his favourite spot as he likes to picture us fucking while his wife serves him dinner.

So he wasted no time by stretching out the walls of his pussy with his cock and fucked me hard. He had to cover my mouth most of the time as I can’t help but moan loudly, though part of me wanted all our neighbours on our floor to know how good the guy living at 302 fucks. I was enjoying every inch of his cock until we heard footsteps towards his door. He quickly put his pants back on and turned around towards the kitchen counter I pulled my dress back down and reached for the bag of flour sitting on the counter. The keys turned and I quickly walked towards the door and thanked him for the flour, she entered and it was the first time we’d ever been so close face to face. His body was still facing the kitchen counter, I assume he still had a hard-on. He was flushed but managed to go along with my act. I greeted her and thanked her for the flour, if only I could thank her for her husband’s cock too.

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