His Bitch for the weekend, with the big B by KnoxBBC

This is my fantasy of how I wished my homie and I weekend man trip would have went. If you like it, comment and let me know. Responses will let me know if you all are enjoying it enough to complete add part 2.

“Man this weekend is about to be lit!”

“Yea bruh, it’s going down! You know you can get into a little bit of whatever in The A.”

“Man tell me about it Rome! Ass everywhere a nigga look.”

“Yes Sir! All kinds of bitches with the nicest of booties.”

“I’m telling you! It’s whatever this weekend. If I catch something I like, I’m going breast mode on it all weekend.”

This was the first trip Pete and Romeo had ever taken a trip together, and man what a trip it was to be. They had a 4 day weekend planned in Atlanta that they had been saving up for for nearly a year. They planned on a weekend of ballin’ the fuck out. The guys have been friends for the past 15 years or so and have become so close, they look at each other as brothers almost.

Pete is an ex military guy! Having spent a couple deployments over in the Middle East, he had the build and the attitude a service man of his caliber is known for having. He was 6’3”, very light skinned, very muscular with hair covering every single inch of his god like frame. He dawn a spartan beard, as well as their warrior, men are men, never a bitch, spirit. In short! He was the type of man any bitch (female our male) would be proud to service.

Rome on the other was almost completely different. He was also lighter skinned, but still a couple shades darker than Pete. He never went to the military. In fact, the only use he would have served on the battlefield would have been to keep inventory on ammunition. He stood at an average 5’10” with an average hefty build. He wasn’t the sculpted being that his friend was, but he also wasn’t a slouch. He dawned a pair of slightly puffy man boobs, with a slight pop belly that sat atop a pair of thick thighs and an ass that could only be described as a donk. He also rocked a spartan beard, but it wasn’t as full as Pete’s and his body hair was no where near what covered his homie.

The guys had reservations at one of the more to scale hotels in downtown Atlanta for a double queen suite. They figured that they would save a lot of money for the strip clubs if they shared accommodations. Plus it would make it that much more exciting when they bake up on a couple bitches. They pulled off of the interstate and made their way down the street past the Fox Theater to Peachtree where their hotel was. Once they were checked into their room, they decided to catch a quick shower before they headed out for lunch, as the all day drive was long. Rome was the first in the shower as Pete was rolling a blunt to relax from the long drive. As he finished tucking the blunt and lighting it, Rome was washing his lower half, paying close attention to his smooth balls and ass. He used the Nair bikini hair remover to keep them completely smooth from front to back. Every since he seen the Dave Chappell show, were Dave mentioned liking his balls to be smooth as eggs, he has enjoyed the same thing. The lack of smelly/itchy ball hair felt so good that he ended up removing the hair from both his large round globes and tight little holes as well. He was not baby smooth in just that area.

While soaping his little puckered orifice with the loofah, he felt the familiar twitch of his cock as his little hole appeared to be trying to kiss something. Pushing out and quickly retracting inward, where it gapped ever so slightly. Rome always enjoyed this feeling when he bathe each day. He knew most would consider it gay, but he didn’t care, as getting into soaping up his asshole one time caused an organ that he had been chasing for years. After snapping out of his usual sexual shower trance, he rinsed the soap off every inch of his body, enjoying the hot thick mix of the water and suds rolling across his now sensitive booty lips.

As he steps out of the shower, he notices the familiar smell of that good loud pack and proceeded to wrap the towel around his waist, so that he could go partake in the frequent herb before it was all gone. Stepping out into the main suite, Pete sat in the chair puffing big clouds of an even bigger blunt. Rome walks over to him, feeling his ass cheeks jiggling with short quick frequency waves. Each wave causing the same twitch and kisses the loofah did, due to his sensitive rim. As he made his way near, Pete noticed the same wide hips he has seen over the years, but for some reason, he took in the details of the curves. How his homie’s wide hips narrowed deeply into a 36” waist, which then widened slightly to form a little pop belly as the curves traveled up to what he described as looking like budding breast of a preteen girl. As Rome stepped to Pete, about a foot from Pete’s open legs, he said;

“let me taste that”!

Being lost in his thoughts of hips, ass, and tits, Pete subconsciously grabbed his dick and smiled hard; responding “huh?”. He quickly caught hold of what he was doing and quickly released the slab of man meat between his legs; but not before Rome could make out the nearly 11” organ hidden behind the basketball shorts Pete wore for the ride. Pete then passed the blunt to Rome, who hit it while wondering why Pete grabbed himself at that very moment. He quickly turned to the counter where his hygiene products sat and as he took tokes off the blunt, the towel around his waist came loose. As the towel hit the ground, Pete took in how deep the cuff of his best friend’s ass was. His jaw dropped slightly in amazement as Rome notices his reaction in the mirror on the counter. This caused a sense of insecurity and a rush of estrogen to rush through his body, causing him to flush. Both feelings causing him to feel kind of smaller than Pete. Kind of, submissive. This only increased when he sees Pete lick his lips like they were already at the restaurant, and the waiter had just presented him with his plate. This caused him to freeze for a few seconds, when Pete said;

“Man I remember being in the forces and everybody standing around like that getting dressed to go find some foreign pussy”; thinking that would lighten the sudden tense moment. When Rome responded;

“Well fuck it, that’s what we’re here for, so I guess we are a couple of military boys this weekend, hunting for some phat ass bitches”. While continuing to hit the blunt and leaving the towel laid on the floor beneath him.

All the time his ass still being watched by Pete who responded with a deep, uh-huh; while subconsciously grabbing his dick again. Rome did not notice this second bit of attention Pete showed his dick while still staring at his friend’s perfectly round booty. While Rome took the rest of the blunt to the dome, Pete began to strip out his clothes to jump in the shower. Once he was nude, he made his way past Rome, who was more bent over putting lotion on his legs. This position caused his huge globes to spread open and as Pete slid by, his now flaccid member brushed across Rome’s left ass cheek, where it quickly dipped down between it and the right cheek, where it ever so gently graze his slightly gapped hole that caused Rome’s cock to twitch and his soft lips to quickly kiss the tip of Pete’s dick before it swiftly made its way out the bosom off his big butt and across his right check. This entire exchange went unnoticed by Pete, but Rome was again froze in place, with the same submissive feeling making him catch goosebumps, and drop a single droplet of precum, that he watched drool to the floor. The entire encounter only taking 2 seconds to occur.

Once Pete was in the shower, Rome continued applying his lotion, and when he finished his thighs, he reached for his ass, and he felt a familiar slickness that trailed across both his ass cheeks. When he realized what it was, he shot straight up, and that’s when he felt the same sickness covering his hole. This caused him to shudder and his cock got a little chubby.

“OMG this nigga nutted on my ass”! Rome thought to out loud.

He quickly smeared the precum on his cheeks into his skin with the lotion, but for some reason, he left the remnants that was left on his hole where it was. It just felt too good as he moved and his mammoth globes rubbed against each other. The entire time he was being watched by Pete, who had not yet gotten in the shower and had only turned it on and was adjusting the temp. He had heard Rome’s statement about cum and watched him rub it into his skin instead of wiping it off with the towel. When Rome finally reached for the towel, Pete notices his hole was glistening and appeared to be trying to eat the substance that covered it, as it was constantly puckering with a slight gap.

Pete then looked down at his dick and noticed it was drooling a large glob of precum. He then realized what it was that Rome’s phat ass was trying to devour. He quickly jumped on in the shower, as his dick twitches uncontrollably and started leaking more of his manly lubrication. As the warm water flowed over him, his long meat started slowly deflating to a respectable chub. While cleaning his self he thought about the past few minutes and before he knew it, he was slowly stroking his dick back to life. He suddenly mummering to his self;

“That’s some fire weed cause I’m tripping, but man I’ll fuck the shit out that bitch. Yeah, I’m definitely tripping”!

Though he said this in the lowest of tones, it did not go unheard; as Rome had ducked into the bathroom real quick to get his glasses he left in there. Hearing what Pete said again caused him to freeze as the same feelings crept over him. But this time he was flooded with thoughts of being a bitch for Pete that women had been for him many of times in the past. When he finally was able to move, he knocked the toothpaste off the sink top, which caused him to quickly flee the bathroom, just as Pete caught a glimpse of that phat ass exciting.

He asked; “you good bro”?

To which Rome responded; “yeah, just grabbing my glasses”.

As Pete excited the shower and made his way into the suite area, he found Rome bent over his bed, ironing his jeans in a tight pair of baby blue briefs. The briefs were so snug that they fit his phat feminine frame like a pair of boy shorts. Rome’s thick ass melons pertruded from the bottom of the underwear like so many bitches he had fucked in that very position, and again his dick swelled under the towel around his waist.

Throwing the towel on his own bed, he stepped between the then, just behind Rome, his natural instinct toward bitches caused him to purposely rub his huge dick along his friend’s huge ass. Though this time both of their responses were different. Pete stopped moving just as his dick settled between Rome’s cheeks, and Rome hiked his ass up to allow his globes to separate a little more. Both men held this position without moving, while Pete asked;

“You didn’t iron before you left home”?

“Naw, like to do it on vacation. It’s makes the room feel more like home”.

As they discussed ironing before leaving on vacation or not, Pete’s big dick was throbbing to the rhythm of his heart. This pushed the fabric of the skimpy underwear deeper into Rome’s ass. This snapped Rome back to an upright stance which lodged Pete’s dickhead and about an inch and a half of his dick stuck between Rome’s quilted cakes. The head pushed the material against Rome’s asshole and was receiving numerous kisses from Rome’s moistened lips.

Pete stepped back to dislodge his dick, but Rome’s big butt held on tight until he bent slightly to release him. The men then accepted that something was happening and that the weekend might be more adventurous than they thought……

End of part 1

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