Her Master Plan. Part 1

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Now that you’re graduated, you need to get a job. That is what everyone kept telling me. Working nine to five just wasn’t the kind of lifestyle that I wanted, but it looked like it was my only option. That is until I came up with a plan.

I was hanging out with one of my friends, and searching for a local, easy, high paying job, and I was getting frustrated with the whole situation. I was a young, slim, and hot eighteen year old, and someone should be taking care of me.

My friend had a worse situation. She had gotten pregnant and had a one year old she had to take care of. We were talking about our frustrations when she blurted out. “I wouldn’t even need a job if my babies daddy made more money.” This confused me a little, because he had moved away right after she got knocked up. She ended up explaining that she received child support payments from him, but since he didn’t make much money, he didn’t have to pay very much.

That’s when I got the idea. I just need to get knocked up by someone making good money, and I’ll be set for eighteen years. It was the exact opposite of my original thinking. Seeing my friend get pregnant made me stay away from sex, but I would fool around with guys. I just wouldn’t have sex with them. Now I realized I just needed to have sex with a specific kind of guy. One with money.

I knew exactly who I was going to get to do it. My older stepbrother Mark. He wasn’t very attractive, and I would never consider even messing around with someone like him. He was nerdy and a little overweight, but he was an engineer who made well into the six figures. He always complained about women rejecting him, so I figured it would be pretty easy to get him to screw me. He was always checking me out, and I’m pretty sure I gave him an erection once when we were both at the pool. Now, he was going to have a dream come true.

I knew this whole thing was going to take a little planning. I started by getting a period tracker app, so I would know when I was ovulating. I didn’t want to have sex with him more than necessary. I also looked up what vitamins and foods to eat to increase the odds of pregnancy.

As my ovulation days approached, I found myself getting hornier and hornier. I kept thinking about what a dick was going to feel like, and how it would feel to have him cum inside of me. Each day closer made me get more and more desperate. I would masterbate frequently, but the cravings just kept getting stronger. I figured it had to be the vitamins, because I would rarely get horny before I started taking them, but now I had to keep myself from jumping random guys and ruining my plan.

Finally my tracker said I was ovulating. I took an ovulation test and confirmed it. I now had three days to get his seed planted inside me, and I wanted it bad. My body was absolutely craving a dick, even though it had never had one before. I would have even fucked the mailman if he would have knocked on my door and asked. I called up my stepbrother and asked if he could help me with my computer. He said he would be over at 12:30 and I thanked him.

I decided to freshen myself up, so I took long hot bath and got myself clean. Then I shaved my legs and my pussy. I would usually let my pubes just grow long, and occasionally trim them, but I wanted to make myself as irresistible to him as possible. After I was as smooth as could be, I rubbed my entire body down with lotion to soften my skin as much as possible. Then I dried myself off and had to decide what to wear.

I looked through everything I had, but nothing screamed “fuck me.” I was racking my brain trying to figure it out when I decided, what is hotter than just being naked. Perfect, it will definitely get the message across, and it will save time since I won’t have to strip down.

Now I just needed to decide how to present myself. I could meet him at the door, or lay on a rug, or spread myself on a chair, but none of these seemed right. I finally decided I would just lay on my bed, but it seemed too simple. How could I make it hotter? After all, I wanted him to finish fast. Then it hit me, I would tie myself spread out on the bed.

I quickly grabbed a little rope from the garage and cut it into four lengths. Then I tied the ropes to the four corners of my bed and put slip knots on each one for my hands and feet.

At about 12:00 I texted him. “Front door is open. I’ll be in my room. Feel free to come inside.” He sent me back a thumbs up, so I slipped my feet into the slip knots and tightened them. Then I laid back on my pillow and tightened my left hand in the knot before slipping my right hand in the other knot and pulling it tight.

I was ready. I was spread out naked with my hard perky nipples pointing at the ceiling and my hot, puffy pussy just glistening with moisture. It was just dying to be touched, and I was regretting not having masterbated that morning.

As I waited, I really wished I could just touch my pussy. I was soaking wet and and my clit was just aching to be touched. I tried to rub my legs together, just to get some relief, but my legs were spread to far apart, and the ropes too tight to get any effect. I felt like I was going to die if I wasn’t touched soon when I heard a knock on the door.

“Hello.” Mark called out. “Im in here.” I replied. I heard his footsteps approaching, and I started getting nervous with anticipation. The door slowly opened and Mark looked into he room with a sense of confusion.

Mark starred at me with a look of shock. His jaw dropped open, as he looked my body up and down. “Come inside.” I said with a smile. He cautiously entered the room as if he expected something to jump out at him. “What is going on?” He said confused. “I just feel really bad that you always get rejected by girls. I figured I would give you an opportunity to have your way with a girl, and I can’t stop you since I’m tied up.”

I could see the bulge in his pants growing as he though about it and starred at me. “Are you sure?” He said in disbelief. “Absolutely. Do whatever you want.”

With that he quickly stripped down to just his boxers and climbed on top of me. He immediately began kissing me and grinding his cock against my pussy through his boxers. It felt so good to finally have something touching me, and I ground my hips back against him.

He clumsily grabbed at my tits as we made out and slowly started kissing lower until he started sucking on them. I just moaned and kept trying to grind against him.

Finally he sat up and pushed his boxers down, revealing his seven inch cock. It was throbbing, bouncing up and down, and had precum leaking out of it. “Excellent.” I thought. “He is ready to go.” “Fuck me.” I said. “Hurry up, I want you inside me.”

Continues in part 2

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