Her [F]irst time ever being fingered and touched, I [M] gave the sweet little virgin the best night of her life.

Please before you read:
Understand this; the girl in this story was a 20 year old virgin when I met her. So her first time being fingered and touched was while she was a grown adult. Do not take this story any other way.

I had met her here on reddit. She came across my other NSFW page and had wanted to chat with me. She finally admitted how much she loved my posts in a long dm that almost had me turned on. She was sheepish and shy, a tiny girl who honestly you wouldn’t look twice at because she didn’t stick out.
After almost a year of chatting online, being sent pictures and videos of her body, and her daily life, I told her that I wanted to meet. We had talked about it for some time but I knew that I had to touch her, being teased this long just made me want her more.
I’ll spare you details, but I found her in her cute little dress with the straps. I gave her a long pet on her head and walked her back to my hotel. Once we were inside I put a collar on her neck and pulled that dress up over her head. I let her keep her underwear on for a while and just had her sit with me and talk as if we were already acquainted in person. while we did this I teased her legs, and stomach. I would lightly brush her shoulders, and leave some kisses on her neck things like that. I told her to turn away from me and I started to massage her shoulders while she talked about classes, I then moved my hands enough to unhook and remove her bra. She started shaking very nervously and her voice cracked more, she had trouble speaking a bit at this point. I cupped her breasts, and told her she had to keep talking. She was unable to. So I just made it worse for her by devouring her neck and shoulders slowly, sucking on her flesh, biting at parts of her every time she moaned or jolted. Never once letting go of her breasts.. in due time she held my hands tightly as I squeezed her body. Running my fingers up and down her I let her relax into me. She was very shocked when she felt my hard cock on her ass when I pulled her into it. I didn’t say anything while she tried to awkwardly accept that it was pressed into her body.
It felt good to make her squirm against my cock, her cute little ass grinding away each time I made a move on her skin. Each time I licked her, touched her, and squeezed her pretty breasts. I kept this up, thinking to myself how amazing it would be to jack myself off using her ass and her body.. It turns me on even now thinking about how it would have been so great to make her body squirm so much that she made me cum all over her back.
As badly as I wanted this I ran my fingers down her stomach, pulled her panties off and opened up those legs. I started soft on the outside working the inner thighs and other parts as I moved slowly to her wet throbbing pussy. She had never been this far and had never had hands between her legs that were not her own. She yelped when my finger went in, she finally spoke saying my finger was bigger than she thought it would be. I softly caressed the inside of her body; holding her face tightly as I watched her eyes and she softly moaned.
I kept telling her it would get harder, and quicker and I kept that promise, using the palm of my hand to strike her clit with each move of my hand in and out, then the movements with in, I felt her pussy wrapping my finger up as if she wanted to pull me all the way into her tighter. When she came it was slight and soft. She had no idea what was happening, so I kept telling her it was ok and just to let it happen.. Like a good girl.

She came all over my hand but I didn’t stop, I kept going, faster and harder, then she would cum again, I would go slow and caress every part inside, she would cum. I would switch up each time only to make her cum again.. this little girl was holding a lot back. Her body arching and moving in my lap, she would open her eyes a moment just to look at me, she would smile so shy then close them and beg for more. When I stopped she had trouble catching her breath.. I filled her mouth with water and then kissed her so deeply and passionately while I finger fucked that virgin pussy again and again. So much better than that old hair brush wasn’t it, I teased her.
I curled her up so now her head was in my lap while I fingered her soft and slow. Letting her feel my cock on her face, she started talking about how she had never sucked one, never tried it. I let her pull it out and look, Slap it on her face, tease her lips. I made her beg for it, plea with me to put it in her mouth before I let her. As you would expect; she wasn’t very good. In fact she was quite horrible she hardly knew how to take it in her mouth and what to do with it once it was in there. So I helped myself a bit and just had her hold it in her mouth while I fingered her. Her moans on my cock were music and the vibration of her little voice felt soo good , I do feel bad about choking her a bit with it when a hard moan forced my hips to thrust her mouth. I kept fingering her relentlessly until she could take no more.
Then we took very good care of that tight little pussy. I had her run her hands up and down my cock, I made her kiss it over and over. I pet her head and kept telling her what a good girl she is, and how much I enjoyed her. I told her all about how I would take her virginity, how it would feel, what it would be like, what I would have her do.. the more I talked about it the faster she went, and it overcame me. I exploded; it went everywhere, her face, her breasts, her hair, on me, on her, All over.
I made her clean up by licking all the cum up and swallowing it. I took her back into bed, and held her naked little body, she went to sleep for the last time a virgin.

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