Helping my sister out

My sister is having a baby and she’s not married. Honestly she got knocked up on a first date as a virgin. Just bad luck I guess. Too bad cause she’s a really nice girl, was saving herself for marriage and just fucked up. Mom was a typical parent at first. She went ballistic on her and she went and stayed with a friend for a few weeks until mom cooled down.

Not much she can do about it and there’s no hiding it. She’s gotten pretty big. She’s a pretty small girl. 5’6″ and was slim with little boobs. Those boobs are now at least twice the size. and she’s constantly moaning because they’re swelling. I can’t imagine how that feels.

Everyone is gone all day and she hasn’t worked in a month. I think she’s due in 2 months. I don’t work on Wednesdays so I sleep in till almost noon. Nothing else to do. I came down the stairs and she’s sitting with no shirt or bra on watching TV. I kinda mentioned could she not cover over somehow? Then I noticed drops of milk dripping out. She was lactating already. Wow. Two months in advance. Well. That sucks cause it’ll keep going and going. She was pushing on one then the other and milk would drip or spray even. The veins on her boobs were a patchwork of blue roads leading all over. On top of that she is going through some kind of pregnancy hormonal sex drive thing. It’s obvious and she gets flushed and looks like she’s in heat. I guess she kinda is, in a way,

I’ve always had a bit of a lactation fantasy but not one involving my sister. But, I seized the opportunity and I thought I’d block out it’s my sister. I told her I can help. She asked exactly how? I told her I’d suck them till she was empty or whatever they call it. At first she said no way. I shrugged my shoulders, whatever. No big deal. Then she must have thought, “What the fuck. It has to be better than what’s going on.” I said “Ready” She nodded. I told her I wasn’t sure I was ready but here goes!

She let me cradle my head underneath her breasts. They were already dripping like taps. She leaned her breast to me and I flicked my tongue on her nipple to get it rubbery. I started sucking and the milk started flowing. It tasted sweet and I liked it, more than I thought, Not sure this would replace anything I normally drink. When I sucked on her one tit it was like it turned on the other tap and I quickly went back and forth between them. My face and shirt was coated with her milk and it was slowing down. One other thing had happened during me doing this. I got an erection and she was obviously turned on. Maybe due to several factors. Taboo, and hormones plus getting her nipples sucked and just being a horny girl today. Me? Not sure. Tits and milk. Taboo nature of what I was doing too. With her tits still dripping in my mouth she wiggled her pants off under my head and I could smell pussy. Yum. She made no excuses. She rubbed my cock from the outside and then undid my pants and pushed them down, My cock sprung out. Oh no, point of no return as it were.

Her pants were just around her ankles. I pulled them off and her panties too. I stood up and removed my pants. I looked at her. “Are you sure about this?” She said. “Nope! Not at all but don’t stop now!” I knelt in front of her and kissed her clit. It was like high voltage shot through her. Her ass cheeks flinched and she gasped for air. I looked at her. I’ve never fucked a pregnant woman. What is the best position? She looked at me. “How the fuck would I know. I got fucked once and got knocked up., first timer here, ya know?” Point taken. I scooted her bum to the edge of the couch and at kneeling height it was as good as it gets. She grabbed my cock. “Let me steer” She guided me in. I started nice slow long strokes. She laughed. I guess no worries about getting pregnant at this point. No sis. None! She was having a series of what seemed like mini orgasms. She’d groan then a big sigh. That happened over and over, Then she was obviously having a major climax. Her ass thrust in the air and she talked filthy. And let out a loud “Fuck!” About a minute later I came in her and fell forward into her leaking tits again. We stayed like that for a few moments. My cum was oozing out of her pussy. She looked down. Wow,you needed that as much as I did my horny brother. I looked at her boobs. They’d quit dripping for now. She looked very happy. Happier than I’d seen her in months.

I stood up and she gently cleaned me off. It was an intense hour. When we were done she kind of indicated it wasn’t that bad of a thing and maybe we could do it again? That is, if I wanted? I said “Absolutely!” I said “Wednesday is my only day off and the only time we can sneak this in.” She shook her head. Mom is our like a light by 10 every night and I’ve never seen or heard her leave her room. She has her own bathroom. I said “Let me think on that”

The next night about 11 at night she opened my bedroom door and let herself in. She pulled back the covers. She played with my cock till I was up and lowered herself down with a low moan. She leaned over and I sucked her tits. Almost no milk. She said she breast pumped them and she just needed to get laid, if that was okay? I said, “Like I’m going to stop you now?” It was a little funny, Before I came I got her to straddle my face and I licked her pussy. It was her first time getting completely eaten out. Her pussy juice was flooding my face and now a steady trickle of milk was dripping off her nipples and almost landing in my eyes. She backed up and got on my cock again. She rocked until we both came. She got off and laid beside me. She rolled on her side and when I was hard again I fucked her from behind. We both came again. Then we fell asleep. She got up in a panic at about 4 and raced back to her room in case our mom found out.

We continued fucking like this for about a month. Then the thrill wore off for her and she was getting close to her due date I guess. A couple weeks before the due date when mom was out shopping she came into my room and pulled my pants down and sucked my cock till I shot a huge load in her mouth. She put her head back and gulped it down. She told me. “Thanks for all the help.” Then gave me a big kiss, one that isn’t a typical sister one. I kinda liked it. She said, “If you ever want to reminisce sometime, I’m very open to the idea.”

I really hope that happens some day.

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