Heard my brother having sex/cheat on his girlfriend

I 19M just heard my 24M brother having sex while i was edging my cock. It’s just me and my brother in our house tonight or so i thought. i overheard a woman moaning even over my airpods so i quickly turned off my porn and slightly opened my door to confirm that im not crazy and sure enough i hear moaning coming from his room and the living room wall was shaking. Idk why but i Love hearing my brother fuck. This moaning isn’t like his gf so I’m pretty sure he’s cheating on her but fuck she sounds so hot. she’s moaning so fucking loud calling him daddy and for him to breed her. I’m so horny i had to record it for later. I was laying face down next to his door to stretch my arm to record with my phone and jerking my cock off with my other arm to her moaning. after 35 mins or so i heard them say they wanted to shower so i got up quietly back to my room. a few mins later i hear his door open and his walk to the bathroom as he turn on the water i hear his door close and then the bathroom moments later. I thought everything was over until i heard more moaning coming from the shower. My brain immediately realized they were both in there fucking again. I quietly opened his door and saw her black lacey thog and bra on the floor. i went in and grabbed her panties sniffed them and walked next to the shower to hear them fucking while jerking off using and sniffing her panties. I’ve never came so hard in my life.

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