He did the clothes and me



Its a cold and rain day we’re at his house

I’m sitting on the couch watching it rain as he comes up to me and asks “hey you wanna help me do the laundry”

“sure let’s do it” I answer 

He grabs the clothes as I follow him to the laundry room he begans to put the clothes in and I got the tide 

When I turned around he had taken his shirt off to put in the washer I begin to stare but quickly stopped when I noticed he was looking at me 

The clothes are now washing i jokingly asked “you wanna put me on the washer” and he actually did it which took me by surprise

I looked him in the eyes and noticed he was looking at me differently 

Then I felt his hand run up the side of my thigh causing me to shiver 

I start to look at him with the same gaze but I catch myself and tell him “this can’t happen” his expression starts changing to sad as he asks “why” “I’ve done told you” I explain

He says ” yea im sorry”

I tell him ” no need to be sorry its alright, hug?”

When he leans in for a hug 

I couldn’t take it anymore and instead of going in for a hug I kissed him he instantly started kissing me back his hand running up my thigh again and the other on my ass I part my legs so he can get closer to me I put my hand on his neck as I open my mouth more for him 

were passionately making out while both of us get hotter and hotter he then takes my shirt off leaving me in just my underwear and shorts I reach down and start un buckling his pants he pulls them the rest of the way down 

I break the kiss “finishe undressing me daddy” I say 

He wastes no time to start undressing me 

first he slides my shorts off 

Then unhooks my bra 

he starts kissing at my boobs all the way down to my panties then begins to take them off with teeth 

He comes kissing back up my legs to my stoking wet pussy he spreads my legs open more and starts eating me out causing me to throw my head back and let out a loud moan hes sucking my clit and fucking me with his fingers making me melt 

He comes back up to my mouth and kisses me I whisper to him ” I need you inside right now please daddy make me scream your name” 

He pulls his boxers down freeing his big hard cock my eyes locked on it now 

He asks ” can you handle it baby girl”

I reply ” yes I can” 

He grins and gets back between my legs he lines himself up at my entrance and slowly goes to pushing inside me causing me to gasp and yulp a little 

He started to spend up a bit when he saw me getting use to it 

I began moaning more and more and screaming his name begging him to fuck me

Before I knew it he was pounding me and it felt amazing feeling myself wrapped tight around him throbing more and more 

Our breathing was getting heavier when I said “daddy im about to cu-” he cut me off “I know baby me to”

His Rhythm messing up my moans harder 

I came and me tighting around him sent him over the edge 

I collapse on him and he leans against me both of us out of breath 

He says “that was amazing”

I say “yes it was” 

In that moment the washer was done and we both laughed 



One of my first stories hope you enjoyed;)

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