Harry Enjoying Sex With co worker Mamta

Finally after 3 long years I m writing down my story wth my office colleague name as Mamta having a good big boobs (34-30-36) wth fair complexion … we know each other from a long time and having a crush on her but never got dare to talk…. but coincidentally she joined the office were I was work and my luck favours….well I forget to tell u about myself I m hary 30 from Mumbai, Fair, 5.9 long married now.Coming to the story as her hubby also knw me well its nt difficult fr me to get in house after the office hours its time fr our enjoyment nd is hubby is out always come late night drinked nd we get ample of the time for foreplay. I can say I enjoyed a lot wth her.The day comes whn it was her bday nd I made her the special night fr her nd again its was a luck her hubby was out of the town due to some urgency nd was the first night wth her again n again looking to clock to pass 10pm, we cut the cake nd I gifted her the sexiest tranperent red nighty nd asked her to wear it ….. she was looking soooo sexy her boobs were coming out of that…I took her in front of mirrior she as too shy to see herself., I hugged her from the back started kissing her neck line, strted with a soft moan …aaahhhhh….., we smooched around 10 mins nd rolling finger to her back she was like getting a elec shock…When we came on bed we didn’t realize she was only in two piece bra n panty, started playing with each other sucked her boobs one by one with long erect brown tits her moans were very loud…. She was already wet nd I started licking her pussy….. she was gone mad aaaaahhhh hary…… aaaaahhhhhh…..thora aur…aaaahhhh …. Mujse nahi sambhal raha…. Aaooohhhh hary nahi plz…dal do andar……. Harry plzzzz aaaaaooohhhhh…nd finally she bursted out with huge cum ……. Started licking my face nd whispered in a ear nw its my turn…She started given a blowjob in n out which I was enjyed a lot she played wth my balls I started moaning loud in next few minutes she drank all my cum…We got relaxed fr sometime… started kissing each other sucked her big boobs…. I started rubbing my cock outside her pussy….given a small jerk… she screamed loud… her pussy was tight which was nt used frm a long time…. Its was partially in I was feeling very hot inside nd she was moaning a lot aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhh…. Ooouuuch…I dnt want to be fast want to enjy every min …. Bt she was mouning loud … plz…… Pagal mat karo muje…. andar dalo jaldi…Finally I was in nd out in slow motion… which she going mad… aur jor se karoooooo… aaaaahhhh… jaldi karoooooo…… I was little fast… she hugged me tightly,, started digging nails oooohhhh nd she reached to her climax…Nd changed our position to doggy style… nw it easily went in as it was much lubricated nw moans wer more high mine too aaahhhh oooohhhh I was much nearer … slowed down little …. She was moaning a lot…. Jaldi ….love you hary…. Fuck me….. finally we both reached at same time……got relaxed on her…Hary it was a most memorable day for me after a long time I m having a sex and I choose perfect one….. u made me satisfied…Thank you guys.. sorry for any mistakes if happen…Waiting for your comments guys…thanks.

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