Hard Honeymoon by ST99

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“Holly and Michael are an odd couple. One is a massive sadist, the other extraordinarily masochistic. Their sex life revolves around Holly’s burning need for pain and humiliation. Now the two have finally tied the knot, and the newlyweds are taking their honeymoon to a countryside resort specializing in hosting couples with abnormally extreme sexual tastes. It’s one of the most romantic times of a young woman’s life, and Holly is going to spent it suffering through some of the worst tortures her lover can dream up.”

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[Line Break]

“Good morning, honey. It’s time to wake up.”

Holly slowly struggled awake. Her eyes fluttered open. Pitch black darkness greeted her. It took a few moments for Holly to shake off the drowsiness, and she used that short stretch of time to take stock of her situation. Her mouth was sealed shut by what felt like a muzzle gag, her ears were filled with what had to be plastic earbuds, and her head was encased within what was unmistakably a tightly stretched latex hood. The compression was extreme; the hood squeezed down on her skin like a clenched fist, pressure pushing down from all angles. A heavy metal and rubber oxygen mask covered her gagged mouth and nose. It was fixed to her face with an airtight seal, and it was being held in place with thick rubber straps that all firmly wrapped around her latex-covered head. Holly’s nose was filled with the heady scent of latex, and her mouth was flooded with the taste of rubber.

Holly turned her attention to her lower body. The fullness within her holes told her that a pair of dildos were sheathed inside her pussy and asshole, though they weren’t large enough to really bother her. A more discomforting fullness indicated the presence of a catheter within her third channel. But far more noticeable was the fact that Holly’s body was trapped inside a tight rubber cocoon, one that pressed down on every inch of her naked body and encased her within an unbelievably intense figure-hugging grip, with only her pussy and asshole uncovered and untouched. This rubber sheath was so crushingly constrictive that it made the skintight hood seem positively loose in comparison. Holly was incapable of moving in any direction. There was no give whatsoever; she couldn’t so much as twitch. It was like she had lost control of her body from the neck down.

Light suddenly bloomed into existence. Holly squinted as her eyes tried to adjust. After a few seconds, Holly realized that she was looking at a small screen, a tiny monitor built to curve around her face like a pair of goggles. It reminded Holly of the time she’d worn virtual reality glasses. The glow of the dead black screen was dim enough for her eyes to quickly grow used to the new source of light.

The screen suddenly flicked to her husband’s bare chest. It took Holly a moment to realize he was apparently leaning over the camera.

“Just a second sweetie, I have to get this snapped onto the stand,” she heard him say. His voice was tinny through the earbuds. “Give me a moment… Alright, there we go.”

Michael stepped back, putting the rest of his body into view. It was obvious he had just woken up; he was wearing nothing but a pair of baggy blue pajama bottoms, his short dark hair was a mussed-up mess, and last evening’s five o’clock shadow had blossomed into full-blown stubble. His blue eyes crinkled as he smiled.

“How are you doing, sweetie? I hope you had a good night’s sleep. You were already pretty out of it when we got you ready for bed. Bit of a crazy way to wake up, huh? Took a while to get you in there, but Lena was a real help.”

Michael’s smile widened. “I barely got any shut-eye last night. It’s all Lena’s fault, of course. She kept me up half the night. She’s very energetic, you know? More wildcat than woman, like my dad used to say. It’s crazy to think I just met her a few days ago.”

Holly watched Michael rub his chin. She could almost hear the soft sandpaper rasp through the speakers. “Well, you and I have officially hit our seventh day at the resort. We’re halfway through the honeymoon. It’s kind of sad to see how fast the time flew by. Still, we have the rest of the week. I’ve got some crazy stuff planned out. Incredibly stuff, honey. The next week will be full of just as many surprises as the last week.”

Michael walked out of the camera’s field of view. Now all Holly could see was a bare wooden floor and an empty white wall. “But one step at a time,” came his voice, “and the first step is to get you out of there for a bit.”

The camera jerked to the side, towards the corner of the room. The space was dominated by a large platform bed. It was beautiful, made of rich mahogany so finely carved it could very well have been hand-carved, and cream-white silk sheets covered the top. The mattress was held high up in the air, sitting at about waist height, and Michael knelt and fiddled with the wooden platform below the mattress, or more specifically the large panel built into the platform. With his back blocking the view, Holly couldn’t see what Michael was doing, but whatever it was made the panel pop out. She did see him grab it and pull.

A massive drawer glided out of the hidden compartment, one only a little less wide and tall than the platform itself. As the bottom of the drawer slid across the polished wooden floor soundlessly, Holly could feel faint movement shake through her body. Once Michael pulled the drawer all the way out, the camera angle gave Holly a perfect view of what lied inside.

The first thing to catch her eye was the vacuum bed. Black latex filled the entire compartment. In fact, she could see that the vacuum bed’s frame was built into the drawer itself. In the center of this small ocean of dark latex was a woman’s form, obviously Holly herself. She was lying on her back with her arms and legs spread open. The latex was tight enough that, while her body was completely hidden underneath the glossy blackness, all her plump curves were still on clear display. It was the sort of nudity where both everything and nothing was hidden from view.

The second thing she noticed was the large hole in the latex. Her crotch was plainly visible, from the top of her shaved mound to the peak of her pussy lips. The base of a bright red rubber dildo stuck out of the opening, and it looked to be a bit thicker and longer than what she could see of the butt plug hidden underneath the latex. Holly could also see the catheter, an intimidatingly thick tube that snaked away from her body, went out the drawer, and disappeared underneath the bed.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Holly could also see that her head was also completely enclosed within a large metal sphere. It was outside the vacuum bed, locked in place by metal struts bolted to the drawer’s sides, and a thick breathing tube stuck out from where her mouth was hidden underneath the solid metal plating. From the seams across the surface of the sphere, Holy could quite clearly see it was built to split into three separate pieces when pulled apart, but more than half a dozen metal latches and small padlocks kept the whole thing locked shut.

Michael knelt in front of Holly’s body. “Well, there you are. You’re looking pretty good. I’ll get you out of there soon, alright? But there’s a few things we have to do first. Be patient for a little while longer, honey. Okay?”

Michael reached out and rubbed Holly’s breasts. She could barely feel him through the thick latex, although his touch became much more clear when he open-palm slapped both her tits a second later. After a few more seconds of gentle rubbing, Michael’s hands angled down towards her waist. He grabbed the base of the dildo and pulled.

Holly shuddered as she felt the toy leave her body. The way it softly ground against her inner walls was more pleasurable than she had expected. It was enough to have Holly absentmindedly attempt to bite her lip, only for her to belatedly remember that there was a muzzle gag in the way. Regardless, Holly was somewhat disappointed that Michael was so quick to take the dildo away. He turned and set the toy somewhere out of view, then came back with a new dildo in hand.

It was somewhat thin, long, and entirely made of metal. The overhead lights reflected across its length, creating a bright dazzling glare that didn’t hide the numerous rows of thin electrodes that ringed the surface of the shaft. They ran from the bottom of the base to the top of the tip. Each individual electrode was very small, but they were clustered so close together that each row looked like a solid stripe, and there was hardly any space between the rows. An electrical cord was already plugged into the back of the flared base.

Michael brought out a small tube of lube and squeezed a few thick globs onto the shaft. He went to work spreading an even coat across the metal dildo. “Lena was kind enough to let me borrow this toy,” he told her. A gentle grin graced his face. “She’s a very inventive woman. Surprisingly cruel too, at least when it comes to how she treats her subs. She’s otherwise very kind. I’d like to introduce you to her sometime. I think you two would get along great.”

Holly watched her husband angle the tip of the dildo towards her open sex, and her body couldn’t help but clench down as he pushed it inside her. The lube and the viscous liquid already dripping from her sex meant Michael hardly had to put any effort into sliding it in. He simply pressed the dildo forward, hardly making a show of the insertion at all, and only stopped when the flared base pressed against her outer lips.

Holly had to shudder at how slimy and cold it felt inside her. The cool ooze was hard to ignore, though the pleasant thickness and length more than made up for the discomfort. Holly could feel her body responding to the faint stimulation, and a large part of her ached for more.

Then Michael came towards her with a tiny remote-control egg vibrator in hand. He pressed it against her clit, then turned it on. He set the vibration very low, so Holly could feel much of anything at all, but she didn’t mind that much. The soft buzzing that she could feel was grinding directly against her button, and the pleasure ever-so-gently spiked when Michael taped the toy into place, testing it briefly to ensure it would remain in place. Holly was practically preening under the deliciously soft stimulation by the time Michael was ready to move on. He turned to the side and went out of sight.

Holly tried to fidget, but the vacuum bed did not give her any room to move around. She was being held completely still, unable to move an inch. Even her head was just as thoroughly immobilized. It was the most extreme bondage that she’d ever seen, and the helplessness of her situation did more than a little to stoke the heat within her core.

When Michael walked back into view, he came with a small, knowing smile, as well as some kind of control panel. It was somewhat larger than a car battery, and once Michael set it on the floor Holly saw that the metal dildo’s electrical cord was connected to one of the ports that spanned the side of the box.

“This is a gift from Lena, a kind of ‘getting to know you’ present. She was nice enough to let me borrow this once I explained that I was looking for something to use on my wife. Let me show you how it all works, okay?”

Michael laid a finger on one of the panel’s large red sliders. He ever-so-slowly pushed the small knob up, and Holly felt an unmistakable needle-poke pain appear within her. The electric flow started off low, nothing more than an uncomfortable tingling, but it quickly grew worse, growing into something that resembled a painful full-pussy cramp. Then the pain turned hot and clenching, a deep-penetrating hurt that had Holly’s face twist and her body struggle against her bondage. The slider rose past the halfway point and rippling waves of pain pulsed through her body, piercing her sex and causing her channel to unconsciously clench down on the metal intruder, which only intensified the already considerable pain. Michael continued, utterly pitiless, not slowing for a second, and Holly motionlessly thrashed within the vacuum bed as white-hot electricity viciously ripped through her channel. Her sensitive nerves screamed under the monstrous surge.

Michael leisurely nudged the slider to the top. He let it remain there for a few seconds, just enough to give his wife time to enjoy the electricity at full-blast, then swiped the slider down to the bottom. The torture abruptly stopped.

“This slider goes from one to ten, lowest to greatest. Once I start the program, the electroshock machine will put you through what Lena programmed to be a standard cycle of shocks. Fifteen seconds for each level of electricity. That means two and a half minutes per cycle, which adds up to twenty-four cycles an hour. Do you think you can handle twenty four of those, honey? I think you can. You’re a tough girl.”

Holly’s stomach fluttered as the electricity returned. It was a gentle flow that almost tickled, hardly anything at all, and the almost pleasurable electricity mixed with the vibrator in a way that quickly began to rebuild the pleasure she had lost. But just the thought of it growing worse had Holly tense, even as her body reluctantly grew hotter and wetter. Holly’s eyes tracked Michael as he pressed buttons and flicked switches.

“You’re a wonderful woman, honey. You know that, I know that. You’re strong enough to suffer through this. Just keep your chin up, alright? Grin and bear it. If the pain is too much to handle, don’t worry, because I have something that should help take your mind off things.”

Michael stood and walked towards the video camera. He stepped out of frame, moving behind the camera itself. “It’s another gift from Lena, actually,” he said. “A video we recorded two days ago. She thought you might like to see this.”

The electric charge intensified. Still not bad, but strong enough that Holly’s insides fluttered and squirmed beneath what felt like the beginning of real pain. She tried to squirm, knowing full well that she couldn’t so much as twitch, because even a futile attempt as physical resistance felt better than putting up no resistance at all.

The empty room remained still and silent. There was nothing to see or hear, and nothing to feel but the pressure of the latex across her body and the waves of hot prickling pain mixing with the soft vibration against her clit. Then the screen switched to something else.

Holly was now looking at a pink and red honeymoon suite. It was a fancy place, fully furnished with beautiful mahogany furniture and a four-poster bed that was festooned with rich silk curtains. Her husband was lounging on the bed in a thin night robe. She was viewing the scene from an angle that placed her in the ceiling corner, so she couldn’t get a good glimpse of his face, but his body language was loose and relaxed. She didn’t have time to look further before the bedroom door swung open and a woman stepped inside.

She was a beautiful blonde with a delicate, elegant face. Young-looking and slim, she wore a stylish ivory lace nightgown that was transparent enough to tease the wide hips and heavy breasts hidden beneath the light fabric. With the bridal style of the outfit, the naughty smirk the woman wore, and her clear nudity beneath the nightgown, it all made the scene seem like the two were a young couple celebrating their honeymoon. But that was her husband lounging across the bed, and Holly had never seen that woman in her life. She could only be Lena, the friend Michael made during his time at the resort.

Lena glided over to the bed. Michael opened his arms, and the two embraced. She fell onto the bed and rolled herself into Michael’s lap, pushing herself onto his body. Michael laughed, and the two leaned forward to kiss.

The kiss continued, then continued even more, and as time passed it grew more and more passionate. The two remained wrapped in each other’s arms, theirs hands eagerly touching each other’s body, soft hungry sounds leaking from their locked lips, all while Holly’s electroshocks jumped in power. The shocks were beginning to seriously hurt now. Burning, pulsing pain radiated from the dildo that penetrated her, an aching stabbing sensation that bore down on Holly mercilessly. The contrast between her pain and her husband’s pleasure could not have been more absolute, and she was utterly powerless to stop it. The humiliation of the situation burned just as hot as the hurt.

There was nothing Holly could do. She couldn’t stop Michael from touching Lena. She couldn’t break up the kiss or send the other woman away. All she could do was watch her husband deeply press his mouth against hers with an enthusiasm Holly would have found more appropriate on a young, horny teenager. Michael’s hands were playing with Lena’s breasts, and Lena’s hands were groping Michael’s ass, and their touch was only inflaming their shared passion and pushing the two even closer together.

Holly tried closing her eyes. It didn’t help. She could still hear them making out. In fact, all it did was make Holly more aware of the soft noises they made; the heavy breathing, the small gulps of air as they surfaced to breath, and the occasional soft gasp of feminine pleasure that leaked from the Lena’s mouth. Words were occasionally spoken, but they were always just names, either Lena or Michael.

The video froze and the sound cut off. The pain in her pussy continued uninterrupted. “Okay, I’m about to pack you back in the bed,” Michael’s voice said. “I had asked Lena to come over a while ago, so she should be here any minute. We’re going to spend some time together, okay? We’re going to have a little fun while you play with Lena’s present. I’ll let you out once we’re done. So, maybe a little more than an hour? It could even be longer, so you’re going to have to sit through a few more cycles. We’ll see how it goes.”

Michael planted a kiss on the microphone. “See you later, sweetie. I love you. And remember to have fun, okay? You are on your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, after all.”

Holly’s body moved to the side. She could feel the drawer slide underneath the bed, feel the change in position as she was hidden underneath the bed, out of sight and out of mind. She thought she could almost hear the panel click shut.

The video turned back on, and once again there was nothing to see or hear but Lena and Michael’s heavy petting. Agonizing waves of electricity were running through her body. The dildo felt like a burning brand. It was searing every inch of her pussy, burning it away under a branding iron in the shape of a dildo. It made her want to jump up and run, to reach out and tear the dildo away from her body, but she her body didn’t budge no matter how hard she fought against the bondage. She utterly helpless, in the truest sense of the word.

The pain grew worse, and Holly suffered. In the video, Michael and Lena were now both partially undressed. Their eyes were hooded with pleasure, almost ravenous for the other’s body. Lena’s breasts were open to the air, thick cream globes with heavy nipples that her husband seemed to be utterly enthralled by. He couldn’t stop touching them. He brought one to his mouth, and Lena arched her back and moaned as he tenderly sucked her nipple. His cock was rock hard and coated in a thin layer of precum, a sticky layer of visible excitement that seemed to cling to Lena’s quite feminine hand as she played with his member. She timed her leisurely stroking to match the pace of Michael’s sucking.

Holly finally reached the topmost level of electric torture. It was indescribable. The pain the merciless voltage brought was something beyond words. Every muscle in her body was clenched down in an attempt to move, to escape in some way from what she was feeling. In the video, Lena was close to mounting her husband. She was straddling his waist and lining his cock up with her pussy. She teased his bare tip against her slit with bright, lusty anticipation.

Holly both felt and heard something above her. It was a heavy creak, like something had fallen onto the bed. Then, a few seconds later, it repeated. Only then did Holly realize it was someone, not something.

Michael and Lena were right above her, less than a foot away. They were free to do whatever they wanted, to touch and kiss and fuck as much as they wanted. They were probably fondling each other right now, playing around just like in the video while Holly was trapped underneath the bed. She was forced to suffer. She couldn’t do anything but ride through the electric torture her while her husband fucked another woman on her honeymoon bed.

The electricity reset. It went right back to level one, and the agony died away, replaced by the lightest of light tickling. With the bullet vibe still gently buzzing away against her clit, Holly felt something beneath the terrible ache still throbbing through her tortured sex. It was something that, given enough room to grow, could quickly begin to resemble real pleasure. In fact, it was almost astonishing how quickly her arousal flared, now that the electric flow was no longer agonizing. It was almost like she was actually enjoying the horrible, terrible situation.

In the video, Michael and Lena finally began fucking in earnest. His cock slipped into her pussy, easy and without fuss, and she took his length up to the root with a breathless burst of eager pleasure. Michael thrusted, slow and full, and their moans and groans filled her ears. The slow thumping that began to rock the bed frame signaled something similar happening above. Both couples moved at a pace that told Holly it would be a long, long time before they would ever finish, to say nothing of the possibility of repeat performances.

Holly, lying immobile in her vacuum bed, dreading the already building charge that ran through the dildo inside her, realized that she was being teased at a pace that would never bring her to orgasm. The vibrator on her clit was too low to get her off, and the electric dildo would transition into something torturous long before she could find her peak from the soft tickle-charge running through it. She wasn’t going to come, and there was nothing she could do about it. All she could do was watch the video, watch her husband fuck another woman, while her husband fucked that same women above her. He was going to have his pleasure, and she was going to silently suffer below.

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