Happy ending Diwali for real !

I was invited to my friends for Diwali parties. It was a party full of hot Indian chicks. Mind blowing Indian clothes. My wife’s friend helped pick some cool Indian clothes for the fest. We were having dinner, fireworks etc with them. Interestingly no meat and alcohol part of this celebration. But I managed to sneak some alcohol by asking my wife’s friend . Me, her my wife and couple of others had a shot of tequila and went back to join the fireworks.

Few drinks down, I feel some nice probably 20s chick (in a pool of aunties !) having conversation with me, she smelt of cigarette which was clearly mixed among all the firework smell. I asked her for a smoke and we went couple of houses away from all the kids to light a smoke. I had to compliment her and damn, her teeth and hair was perfect. Figure 8 and cleavage didn’t help me from looking. I asked her if she has a partner and she goes on a rant about how boring he was. We were pretty drunk at this point and I kinda grabbed her n kissed her. She was shocked and was frozen for a moment, but didn’t resist me, eventually kissed me back with her tongue in my mouth.

She was probably a relative of my wife’s friend. She took me back to her car and we started making out crazy. I had to be careful to not ruin her makeup, she took my dick out and started sucking it and my balls got wet too ! I had to moan, it feels fkn amazing to be blown by a young chick who is more into my cock than my wife. She got on top of me and kissed me more.

I grabbed her ass and could feel it though her thin Indians styled pants, I pulled off her top and kissed her boobs sucking that delicious nipples. I pulled her pants down and she took my dick in raw. I grabbed her ass smacked it as she rode me. She was wet af. She was on pills so she didn’t care raw fkn me. It was a big suv, I was wondering why she lot of snacks in her car, she said she has two kids and I figured she was in 40s, damn what a fkn body, it turned me on more to know that her husband and kids are right there few blocks down while I’m riding this bitch deep.

I flexed the seats, turned her doggy and rammed her deep. I pulled her by her hair n doggied her good asking how her husband doesn’t get turned on by this hot smoking chick. She said she is so dry because he got bored of her. She also said, my dick is much bigger and she is loving it ! I couldn’t stop myself but to spit on my fingers n plug my thumb in her butt while humping her. She moaned, I took my dick out and stuffed it in her ass straight. She moaned and let out a cry, I held her by her throat and pushed it in slowly. I wishpered in her ears that she has a tight ass, she is tapping the car seat in pain n begs me to be slow. I stuff it in deeper, fuck her fast and lick her ears and said Diwali is fkn awesome. I ask her if we can meet often as my fat ass wife don’t fk me often too. She is busy hanging out with her women all the time. She giggled n said yes !

Few mins down, I cum inside her, smashing her ass and we collapse on the seat, she takes a few tissues and wipes her inners, fixes lipstick n eyeliners and then few mins later we get back to party. My wife has no idea, she is busy discussing how to make Indian desserts. I got this chicks number, fkn this is my first cheat and it was damn fkn worth it. My wife didn’t fk me for months and this bitch was going to town with my cock . I hope I meet her again soon.

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