Halloween Coworker Kisses and More

First time posting here so I hope it is enjoyed!

To introduce the characters, we have C and L. C is about 5’7”, blonde, skinny, ALWAYS wears lipstick and has lips that are basically designed by the hand of God they are so perfect. L is 5’5”, fit, brunette, and typically wears a light nude, light pink, but will rarely on occasion wear a dark pink! L’s lips are smaller than C’s, but they are thick and have a fantastic shape.

Anyways, we worked together at a café for 3 years and around 2 years in, they both would notice me look at them when they would touch up their lipstick after breaks. I couldn’t help but look but I was respectful not to stare. C started noticing by simply saying, “You seem to enjoy my lips, don’t you?” To which I respond, “They are always done up and pretty so it makes work more fun with them to look at.” C giggled and blew me a kiss, I swear I almost passed out. I held my composure so I didn’t think she had noticed. (I was wrong, she noticed). L began to notice as well and would give me a quick wink and pucker her lips, this drove me crazy inside. Fast forward to more time at work together, multiple long shifts, the Halloween party is coming up. Both girls are going as Playboy bunnies and asked me what I was going as, I told them a Kissing Booth (I obviously chose this for the random chance somebody might mark me and make my night). They giggled profusely and said they LOVED that idea while winking at me. I immediately felt my dick get hard so I quickly went to the restroom to calm down. Here it is, the night of the party, we’re at our boss’ house, and I see them both, dressed in their Playboy outfits, looking spectacular as ever. C had her lips in a crimson red, L in a light pink. They both noticed me and began laughing in admiration of my costume. Then C asked the question, “How much for a kiss?” My face goes beet red. I stutter, “F-for you? Free as-as it could be” C, “You are so sweet! Muah! Oh my god! Wow, that left a BIG mark on you. I hope you don’t wipe it off” while winking at me. I could feel the stickiness and couldn’t wait to see it. L then stepped up, “I have been looking forward to this, Muah! That’s not as dark as C’s, I’ll get you more later. But please keep it” I told her obviously I would and I could feel the stickiness but I knew it was not as big as C’s. I finally get to the mirror in the bathroom and the two women whose lips I have been admiring, are on my cheeks. I was so hard but THANKFULLY my costume was covering it.

Throughout the night, the ladies leave a kiss or two here and there on me as the night goes on. It’s approaching 11, and we are all about to depart and I have 12 kisses on my face from both of them at this point. I’m in heaven. C and L then approach and say if I want to come back home with them, of course I oblige! We get into the Uber, and L begins to apply her dark pink lipstick, I was enamored. C had already began applying her red, but L had my attention with the dark pink. She said, “I’ll be using this later” I quickly put two and two together. We got to their place after they had both been touching my legs on the car. I immediately grabbed L and began making out with her as I felt C getting me undressed. Not much was said in these moments but a lot of moaning and kissing. L had broken off so she could plant her marks on my face and neck while C worked on my body. They pushed me toward the couch where C then took control of my face and mouth and L began stripping me even more. I was moaning to no end. I could barely catch my breath. And then I felt it, L’s lips, around my cock, it was instantly warm and wet and she was making a mess. I wanted to cum so bad but I couldn’t release yet. C was going to work on my face neck and chest, leaving her massive prints everywhere. And then the swap happened, C had wrapped her perfect lips on my cock while L sat on my face and moaned for me to make her cum. So I obliged. I have never eaten pussy more aggressively in my life than I did that night. L cums all over my face and C begins stroking me faster and faster, then L joins her, and they both make out with my cock as I explode my load on on both of their lips. I fall to my knees as they both kiss me deeper all over my body. C climbs on top, she has not cum yet, so I eat her out relentlessly while L slides down on my raw cock and begins making out with C. This turns me on so much that I’m hard once again and L is bouncing endlessly on me. As C cums on my face, L begs for me to shoot my load in her. I did not hold back, I emptied every last drop into her and watched it leak out her perfectly shaved pussy. We all gingerly made our way to the bed and passed out. It was one of the best nights of my entire existence.

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