Had sex with my neighbors daughter who just turned 18

I’m a lonely 40 y/o man. Divorced, living alone. I was in the lift one day, when the lift stopped on the 14th floor. A very hot girl probably 18 or 19 y/o got in. She had long brown hair, was white, had very big tits for a 18 y/o (probably around 28G size) , bubble butt. The first time I saw her face i knew i had to fuck her. A medium sized nose, big and perfect when she flared it. She wore black rectangular glasses. She had a joint in her hand. I asked her if she was of age to smoke and she laughed and replied she is turning 18 next week, so she would be of age next week. She winked at me and kept smoking. I kept staring at her and she offered me the joint. I took it and did a few puffs. I asked her name and she replied Olivia. She asked mine and i said david. She asked me where i was going and i said on a walk in the park. She replied ” Can i join? I’m free right now.

We strolled for half an hour until she said she is tired and is heading home. I smiled and said okay.
A week passed by and she again came in the lift wearing running clothes, as if she knew i was going there. She smiled and said it was her birthday yesterday and is finally an adult.

We again walked in the park and sat on a bench. It was a friday, and no one was around. She asked me if i had a girlfriend. I replied no i am a divorcee. She laughed and said ” Who the fuck would have divorced you?” She asked me when i last had sex and i said probably a few months back. My cock couldn’t hold it back anymore and it got fucking hard. My pants were tight and my penis was clearly visible. She looked around if anyone was there and got up. She kept one leg on the bench, as if tying her shoe lace. She pulled her pants down and said ” Fast lets fuck before anyone comes” I got up and pulled out my cock. I asked her which hole and she said which ever satisfies me. I fucked her vagina for 10 minutes while fingering her asshole. She moaned my name loudly which drew a little attention but the passerby mostly laughed by. I came inside her and made out passionately for a few minutes.

While heading back, her father who was only a few years older than me saw us. He came up and shook my hand. He told me how olivia told her that i was a great guy who taught me a lot about jogging. I shook his hand and saw the smile of a man who didn’t know his daughter just got the best cock in her two minutes back.

We fucked on the stairs , the elevator , my house, hotel rooms (almost everyday).

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