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Hi, my name is Bunny(name changed for privacy) and I started reading stories in porn sex story dot com from past 5 years and became a regular visit to this site. This is my first experience and writing a sex story for the first time. Apologize for any mistakes.

A brief introduction about me – I work in an MNC in Bangalore and my age is 26 single. This story is about my experience which I had 3 months back and willing to share my experience. So readers please read this story and let me know your feedback/comments.

Girls and aunties who are willing to have release your pleasure am here to help you and your privacy is my high priority and will maintain secrecy don’t hesitate to ping me @ [email protected] and your feedback/comments are most welcome. Basically am a boob and pussy sucker and make them cum by my sucking.

Any girls and unsatisfied aunties and also divorced aunties can contact me @ [email protected] your privacy is maintained and it will be within me. Don’t wry. I can come anywhere. This is not a fiction story or fantasy. This is my own experience which had happened recently.

Let me come to the story, her name is Priyanka(name changed) with 38d and milky white in color who is a married and 2yrs elder to me and living in Bangalore. She is my ex-colleague and was very close to me from 3yrs and she became comfortable with me very soon since we both are from Andhra. She is little chubby but having nice structure and body to have a nice sex.

We were talking regularly and chatting in WhatsApp on all topics including sex. This was going for a while and I was lying on her to have a nice and romantic sex with her. I observed that she is also interested in me to have a romantic experience with me. One day I directly asked her to have fun with me for which she said that need time and made me wait for 1month.

After 1month she messaged me in WhatsApp saying that she is ready to have sex with me and maintain NSA with me. And it started one fine early morning at 3 am. She asked me to meet her in the morning at 3 am which is her fantasy to have sex at that time. I went on time and called her saying that am in front of her home. I went inside her home as the door was not locked and it was dark in the hall. She asked me on to sit on the sofa and sat there. She was ready in black color sleeveless nighty.

After a casual talk, I went near her and kissed on lips slightly for that she shivered and closed her face with shy. I removed her hands and took her to the bedroom and hugged her from behind and kissed her on the neck and sucking ears while pressing boobs slightly. She was still closing her eyes with moan. I dragged her by putting my hand on her stomach and she felt my dick on her ass. Her ass was so sexy to ramp.

I turned her to my side and had long lip kiss which lasted for 10mins(am good in french kiss:p) and she pushed me away to take a breath. I dragged her again and was kissing and sucking her cheeks and lower lips and with one hand I was pressing her hip this made her moan heavily.

This all happened while both were standing. Later I was pressing her boobs and sucking her lower lip and she has put her hand in my hairs and took me more close to her. I dragged her upper lip with my teeth and she had hit me with pain and we were swallowing saliva in each mouth. I was sucking on her down from the lips and sided her right side of sleeveless nighty.

She was looking damn sexy in her black sleeveless when one side is sided down from shoulder. And was kissing on her shoulder with a lot of moods and she was hugging me and removed my shirt and was on bare chest.

My dick with 6inch makes any ladies crazy to go. I kept on sucking her lips boobs and made her getting more horny as the climate around 3 am was so romantic and nice to have sex. I removed her nighty completely and she was on red color bra and panty. I went crazy by seeing her in that position and hugged her tightly by pressing her ass cheeks.

She was moaning a lot and was her body temperature was hot. I kissed her boobs with a bra on and sucking her nipples which are popping out thru bra. They are 38d in size and was like small water melons to me. Those melons are waiting to come out of the bra. I was pressing her boobs with a bra on and was fingering her navel which looked so sexy. I go crazy when navels look so sexy and romantic. I went down and sucking her navel with my tongue and pressing her boobs with both hands.

My hands are not enough to hold her boobs:p. I kept on sucking her navel and she suddenly stopped me and dragged me on to her to bed and asked me to remove her bra with my teeth and I did it in a couple of mins. I kept on kissing her bare back and circling my tongue. She turned to me and asked me to bring honey and chocolate.

I went and brought them and poured honey and chocolate cream on her navel and mixed both and applied on both boobs and navel. I sucked her boobs with honey and cream for 10mins and she kept on moaning with horny like mmm and asking me to do it more and more. She was continuously moaning with pleasure.

I went down to navel and sucked her and made her pussy wet. She was holding my hair tightly and dragged me to her and we had lip kiss again for 2mins. Then I removed her panty and she shaved her pussy before a day and it was shining in the light her color is milky white and her lips are like suckable and eatable to me.

I had spread her legs and with shy, she closed her pussy with hands. I removed her hands from pussy and widened her legs and started kissing and sucking her thighs I was doing this without touch her pussy and she was shaking like crazy with horny and moaning. Suddenly I started putting my middle finger and shouted with pain. I finger fucked her pussy for more than 5mins and then sucked her pussy with my tongue and poured honey and applied the chocolate cream.

She was screaming like there is no tomorrow and moaning like “Mmm.Its good keep going”, she said. We took to 69 position which is her fav position and mine too:p. This went on for 10mins. She reached her orgasm and came on my face while sucking her pussy. By that time she came 2nd time. Her cum was so tasty and hot. She cleaned her cum which was on my face with her tongue and asked me to lay down.

I laid down facing the ceiling and she started to suck my dick like a lollypop and kept sucking for 5mins. I was holding not to cum on her face. I was stopping her in the middle while she was sucking me. I asked her to raid me and came on top of me by putting her legs each side and inserted my penis into her pussy.

She was riding me like there is no tomorrow and in between, she sucked my nipples and was circling on that with her tongue. She bent on me and gave her nipples to suck and I was sucking nipples and biting my teeth. She road me for 5mins and I made her come down and spread her legs and inserted my dick which was wet due to sucking and her cum:p, I was fucking her like there is no tomorrow and she was moaning.This went on for another 5mins. I was ramming her pussy with condom and fucker her for another 15mins and we were sweating a lot and each other sweat smell was so nice.

We got up and went to the washroom. There we had a small smooch and came out. She said that after a long time she had a good experience and she wanted to have one more session after small 30mins. We are still in touch but no sex.

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