Had high sex for the first time

Smoking has never been my (24f) thing. But recently I saw THC sodas in my local ABC store and I figured since I’m comfortable with drinking, this might be a better way to try getting high without needing to smoke. I’m a very anxious person so I typically avoid weed, but then I mentioned to my boyfriend that I’ve always heard that high sex is the best sex, so I decided to jump on the band wagon and try these out.

I went home, had my little drink and started kissing on my boyfriend. By the time it kicked in fully, we were in bed and my hand was on his tummy playing with the waistband of his boxers. His fingers gently started moving my panties to the side to feel how soaked my pussy was, and then he started rubbing my clit. Now normally our sex is great. We’re both kinky and like exploring new ways to have fun and keep things hot and borderline fucked up in the bedroom. But this….this was totally different.

My mind went blank and it was almost like every nerve in my body was numb except for my throbbing clit under my boyfriends fingers. I was a moaning mess, my whole body melting under his touch and my hips softly moving to keep up with his rhythm. He grabbed me by the throat as my breathing got heavier and made me look him in the eyes. I felt my pussy dripping for him, and I knew I was going to cum just from his fingers…And then he stopped.

I moaned and complained, but I secretly loved the thought of him edging me. Playing with me how he wants, using me as his little fuck toy, and not being able to cum until he told me to. I was in awe, and still numb throughout my whole body except for under his touch.

He stuck his dick in my mouth, pushing it deep down my throat as he started rubbing my clit again. There was something so much more intense about this foreplay. This was the type of foreplay and teasing that makes you beg to be fucked. Getting to suck on his hard cock and feeling his thick fingers on my pussy got me close. And again, just as I was about to cum, he stopped.

He pressed his lips to my pussy, and I felt a wave of heat rush through my body as he started sucking on my clit. His tongue brushed over my pussy, trailing all the way down to my tight little asshole and back up to my clit. He licked me, sucked on me, and nibbled ever so lightly on me, and i felt my legs tighten around his head. I begged him not to stop, to keep going just like he had been doing, telling him how I was going to cum all over his tongue. My legs started shaking, my hands finding their way into his hair and holding his head exactly where i wanted it. I rocked my hips up against his face to meet the pace of his tongue on my clit, and threw my head back in pleasure, maybe letting a few “daddy”s slip. The only thing I cared about was the intensity of his tongue on me. In that moment he told me to cum for him, and my whole body let loose. My orgasm rolled through my body as I kept rocking my soaking pussy right up against his tongue and moaning his name, tightening my shaking legs around his head. I had never felt more euphoric and in love than that moment, riding out my orgasm on his face.

Then i slowly pulled him up to my face to taste my pussy off his lips. Tasting myself, I begged him to fuck me. hard. Immediately he took me, and the only thing I cared about was his rock hard cock pumping in and out of my pussy. He took me the way he wanted me, dominating me, spitting in my mouth, and knowing he had full control over my entire body. He fucked me hard until he came right in me.

Needless to say, I went to bed a cum-filled, high, happy girl. Definitely will be having high sex again.

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