Gummy bears

I was at the corporate office making a big stack of copies. I had a huge handful of gummy bears, snacking when Ashley walked by. I got caught checking out her ass, but she kept walking.
When she came back she snatched a bunch of gummy bears from me and giggled and shoved them in her mouth.
I gave her a look of disapproval and said “first ones free, next will cost you.” She thought I was joking when she tried again and missed.
“Not fair” she pouted.
“Use your words” I teased.
“Please?” she said with pouty face.
“Nope, wrong word” i said, “try again”
“Pretty please” she begged.
“Wrong again” I said.
She got real close and whispered “I’ll let ypubeat them put of my pussy” she said as she stepped back clasping her hands behind her back sticking her chest out.
I opened my hand. She grabbed nearly all of them and went into her office. I heard her door lock then a minute later in unlocked and I walked in and locked the door behind me.
There was pile of gummy bears on her desk. She sat down in her chair and spread her legs. There was a slight bulge on her pussy, under her panties. I could only guess that’s where the remainder of the bears were. I got on my knees and licked up her thigh until the fruity scent of gummy bears mixed with the smell of her wet pussy.
I pulled her panties to the side and captured a mouthful gummies. I pushed them into cheek with my tongue and kept licking her pussy. I kept finding the more I licked inside her. I paused to chew and swallow them, then went back to licking her pussy. She tasted good without the gummies. Soon she came and giggled as she ate a gummy off her desk.
I stood up and exposed my cock, rock hard I grabbed her head and guided my cock into her open mouth. She sucked and I fucked her face, letting her catch her breath. I let her suck at her own pace and she expertly had me about to cum in no time. I pulled out of her mouth and shot my load all over the gummy bears on her desk. I put my cock away.
“Enjoy your cummy bears” I giggled as I unlocked her office door and walked out, leaving her scrambling to put her pants back on. As I got to the copier to grab my papers I heard a slurping spound. Peaking back into Ashley’s office I saw her slurping my cum and the gummy bears off her desk.

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