Graduation Gift

“CONGRATULATIONS XASSI!!!!” The words ring in my head as I look around at all the familiar smiling faces. My mom’s teary eyes, my dad’s proud toothy grin, and the same handful of adults agreed upon years in advance by my parents. An awkward but “safe” mash-up of extended family, close enough work colleagues, and a sprinkle of lifelong college friends. The usual gang of my milestone spectators, staring at me with looks of expectant, polite, celebratory glee. Fuck, I hate this. “Great job Xassi!” “Wow, amazing work Xassi!” They didn’t care about me.
I was an only child. Allowing my parents to blanket their selfish desires with grandiose gestures for their bouncing baby girl. Playing pretend perfect family, gave them permission to create these “retro” themed celebrations, while never having to have a genuine moment of intimacy between us. Every arts and crafts project, every academic award ceremony, every athletic achievement was an ordeal. A thinly veiled facade so a group of adults can get together and what?
It really used to get to me, the curiosity, the loneliness, the boredom. Until my 13th birthday when my mom introduced me to, her then “friend” now husband, Bret, and his sister Amelia. Millie for short.
It was her sharp steely grey eyes and her intoxicating scent of lilacs that instantly caught my attention. She didn’t interact with me much, so I just watched her. Consumed her. I took note of the way she furrowed her brow before making a witty observation. The way her eyes twinkled when she drank a good glass of red wine. Her wrinkled nose whenever the tray with the blue cheese made its rounds. As I got older I noticed my attention to detail was becoming more physical and rose-tinted. I couldn’t help but start to notice the way her breasts jiggled in her V-neck ever so slightly whenever she giggled. She always hiked her leggings just high enough for the outline of her pubic hair to suggest she may not be wearing any panties. The slightest lick of her lips before reapplying her cherry-flavored chapstick. I hung on her every word. I wanted to be like her, near her. I wanted her to notice me. My thoughts of her made my pulse quicken.
“Go ahead Xassi, open it!” My mom’s sing-song voice jolts me from my flashback bringing me back to the now. “Go on my love open it up, your dad and I hope you love it!” I blush not sure how long everyone was watching me daydream. I pick up the pink bag. My favorite color is blue by the way. Plaster a fake smile across my face and rip the tape. Confused I lift up a leather-bound Diary with a sturdy-looking lock and a key. “Thank you?” I manage to stammer.
My shock must be apparent as my dad starts to explain. All I hear is “wha wah wah waa waaa.” A Diary? No car, cash, or even a laptop. A Diary?
Little did I know that Diary was going to change everything.
I sit there pondering the gift as the party moves along. In about 30 minutes, I will be expected to make myself invisible. This will no longer be my high school graduation party, it’ll be transformed into their secret old people soiree. Lame 80’s music, trays of cold cuts paired with various cheeses, endless bottles of wine, and the most important detail, no children. Even though I wasn’t a child anymore, I was 18. Like clockwork, I’ll lovingly be sent to my room with plenty of snacks, my door locked, and music turned up just loud enough to drown out the real celebration. Ignored, forgotten, no longer the reason for this gathering of good cheer. Just another excuse.
“Good Night Xasseopia we love you.” My parents chant in unison. I smiled sweetly as they shut my door. The sound of the lock bolting in pace signals the start of my self-entertainment. I began to settle into my room for the night. “Snacks? check. Movie? check.” My eyes dart over to the Diary. I pick it up and open it. Inside is a note: “Don’t be shy! Live, Write, Repeat! Love Mom & Dad” I plopped on the bed diary in hand and decided to give it a go. But what do I write? How do I start? I tapped a glitter blue gel pen against my lips as I pondered my first entry topic. My concentration is broken by the muffled sounds of footsteps and a door opening upstairs.
No one ever comes upstairs, ever! They’re not allowed, or are they? I don’t know the rules. 18 years and I still don’t know what happens when I go upstairs and close the door behind me. Should I check it out? I’m not supposed to unlock my door unless it’s an emergency. This could be an emergency, right?
Fuck it! I jump up letting the glitter pen drop to the floor. The warmth of the carpet under my feet comforts me while a faint, rhythmic tapping sound lores me down the hallway. I slowly glide my hands across the wall in the dark hall,, until suddenly I’m standing in a doorway locked gazes with a pair of steel grey eyes.
I stood there frozen taking in the scene. Her eyes locked on mine, her full breasts, were bouncing hard. Her round ass up in the air jiggling as another figure pounds into her from behind. Fuck she was perfect. She had a thick body with the most delicious curves. Her skin was a dark espresso brown. Her long black curls swiped across her face with each bounce. She had smooth thick legs spread wide as she knelt over the bed. I could see her juices glazing her thighs as he continued to pound into her. The other figure was a tall, pale-skinned man. He felt familiar, but I couldn’t make out his features in the room’s shadow. I noticed a gold pinky ring as he gripped her hips, digging his fingers into her flesh. He continued to thrust into her hard and fast, her eyes never leaving mine. I felt my privates throb as I watched her face transition between a mix of ecstasy, shame, and excitement. I bit my bottom lip while he thrust into her over and over again. I felt my panties grow wetter by the second as I watched them fuck like animals in heat. Millie whimpered as the man slowed his stroke. In 1,2,3 out. In 1,2,3 out. I can hear the wetness of her pussy as he slides in and out. I don’t know what came over me, lurking in that doorway, don’t be shy. I hesitated for a split second, encouraging myself, don’t be shy. I licked my fingers, slowly slid my hand down passed the band of my sweatpants into my panties. Instinctually, I found my clit and started tracing small circles. The figure behind her surprisingly slammed into her hard, deep, making her moan louder as she continued to enchant me with those storm-cloud eyes. Oh fuck, this felt naughty. I couldn’t look away, I circled a little faster as I watched Amelia arch her back and take 2 fingers in her ass. I gasped, forgetting I wasn’t supposed to be there. I quickly covered my mouth, but it was too late. The pale-skinned man abruptly stopped.
Even with half of him covered in shadow, I knew he was looking right at me. I froze, not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to leave, but I was caught. Without a word, the faceless man walked over to the front of the bed. His erection was huge in full view. My mouth gaped just a little. He snapped his fingers. As if a spell had been cast my beautiful goddess Millie was on her knees mouth wide, tongue out. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment as he stood in front of her. My pussy was soaking wet as I watched him wrap his hands in her hair, lifting her face to look into his, he rested his cock on her forehead. Thumped it a few times then proceeded to trail precum and pussy juice down her face until he pressed the tip of his head against her soft mouth. Her plump lips wrapped around his massive cock as he pushed himself deeper. She took him into her throat, gagging slightly as he grabbed the back of her head and thrust. She took his cock like a pro. She licked his shaft from base to tip, savoring every inch. He groaned as she used her drool to coat his cock and slurp his balls. He began to unravel, grabbing her by the throat with both hands feverishly knocking on her windpipe. Oh my Fucking Gosh! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Before I could stop myself, I was creeping closer to the bed. A front-row VIP seat. I wanted to touch myself more, but I was afraid that would give away my position. I just wanted to watch them. I wanted to see how far they would go. I watched her suck him off for what seemed like an eternity. A symphony of slurps, bubbles, gagging, and moans. Make-up-smeared mascara running Millie’s eyes never left mine. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum so bad. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was. “Get on your knees,” My body stiffened. “Get on your knees,” he commanded again adding a snap to the order. Like a trained dog, I dropped to my knees. What the fuck was I doing?!?! I’d never done this before, and by this, I mean anything beyond kissing or touching myself to a free 2-minute porn clip before bed. But here I was on my knees next to my fantasy woman staring up at a drool-drenched cock.” Open,” he demanded. I looked at her in panic, she was staring back at me with excitement. I looked back up at him and his throbbing cock. My mouth watered as my tongue slid out of my mouth to lick my lips. He nodded and so did she. I leaned forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it like a lollipop before sliding down the shaft taking more of him into me than I thought possible in one swallow. Before I could find my bearings he grabbed the back of my head gave one strong thrust and exploded down my throat. “Every drop.” He moaned as he lodged himself deeper. There was so much, so thick. I tried to pull back, but he held my head firmly. My eyes watered as I choked on his load. He smiled as he pulled his cock out and wiped the remains on my face. I couldn’t believe I just swallowed his cum. “Good girl.” He said, stroking my cheek. I didn’t respond. I just sat there shocked. I sat there for a few moments, not knowing what to do. I was dazed, high off lust, drunk on cum.
Diary Entry1
June 8th Dear Diary, I just swallowed cum for the first time…

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