Got Lucky With Priyanka In Delhi Metro

Hi all, this is Rahul, a well-built 22-year-old guy from Delhi. I will be narrating the incident which happened a few months back in Delhi metro with a hot girl of my batch preparing for civil services.

Priyanka had a great figure which any guy will love. She was attending the same coaching classes as mine. I had noticed her a few times in the class.

Priyanka was a very innoent girl, a true beauty with brain. I never had any wrong feeling about her maybe because I didn’t have any time to think so much due to the pressure of the exam. She had also noticed me a few times which I got to know later from her.

Our classes ended in the evening at the peak time of rush in the metro. I went to the metro station to board the train. It was very crowded and getting space to stand was a challenge. But I managed somehow. I pushed a bit to go further inside to stand next to the pole.

When the train started with a jerk, a girl lost balance and her ass touched my crotch area. I felt a very soft round ass hit my dick and when I looked at the girl, it was my classmate Priyanka. She instantly said sorry to me. I said, “It’s ok”. This was our first ever conversation.

I got a bit excited. Priyanka was facing away from me so I had a chance to look at assets without her knowing. I first looked at her butt which touched me just a while ago. It looked perfectly round in her jeans. I felt like touching and holding them but I had to control. I looked up to my sexy classmate’s waist which made me even more lusty.

Suddenly, the train stopped. We had reached the next stop. My dirty mind thought and hoped for the same thing to happen again when the train starts.

To my surprise, just before the train started, Priyanka took her hand off the handle on the top which she was holding to balance and again her amazing butts hit me on my half erect dick! This time, she didn’t say anything.

Now my classmate’s butts were very near to me. She had come back near to me almost touching me. I was getting very horny at this moment. My dick was hard and trying to come out of my jeans. My mind had stopped thinking. I had thought of rubbing my erect dick on Priyanka’s butts.

I couldn’t control and touched her butts with my bulge. I felt her hot ass again. It was an amazing feeling with a bit of a fear of getting scolded in public by her. But she didn’t resist.

I tried to rub my bulge between Priyanka’s ass crack. This time, she responded by forcing her ass back against my crotch. I was in seventh heaven now, my fear went away and I started enjoying her butts even more.

I tried to look at her face to find out her reaction. My classmate was smiling naughtily. This made me fearless and hornier.

I had a look at her whole body again. I was almost hugging her from behind and she was responding very well. From above, I had a glimpse of her boobs and her cleavage was visible from that point of view. She was breathing faster now and her awesome sized boobs (36DD) moved up and down with her breaths.

But to my bad luck, we reached the Rajiv chowk station where we had to change the metro line. We both enjoyed a lot up to that moment.

When we were about to get down from the train, I held her hand. She looked at me naughtily and she held my hand even more firmly. This confirmed that she was feeling way more horny than me at that moment.

We de-boarded the train. We both were not in a mood to stop there. We were breathing heavily and we just smiled looking at each other. Her looks said it all, she wanted a lot more.

We had to board a train on the other line but I thought of a better idea to continue our enjoyment. I asked her if we can go out to the central park which was just outside the Rajiv chowk metro station. Priyanka nodded quickly and gave a horny look.

The weather was pleasant at that time of the year. We went out to the central park where couples enjoy freely.

I took her to a good spot where no one can see us. We sat behind a tree on the grass. I held her by her waist. Priyanka put her head on my shoulder and I started feeling her sexy body.

I moved my one hand on her thighs and the other on her waist and tried to take that hand up to her breasts. Priyanka resisted but she was so horny at that time that she finally allowed me to hold her soft breasts. I caressed them one by one, circling on her nipples from above her top.

Priyanka started kissing my earlobes, it felt so good. I told her that she was so hot and sexy. She responded by kissing my earlobes ever more passionately.

I then took my one hand from thighs to between her legs. She stopped me there and softly said, “No, not here”. I looked into her eyes. We could see the lust in each other’s eyes. I took my lips near her lips. She closed her eyes and hugged me tightly and opened her lips a bit to let me kiss her passionately.

We kissed very softly in the beginning. We could feel each other’s warm breath. We were smooching and playing with each other’s tongue. I was also feeling her big and soft boobs touching my body.

Now we were not able to control more. Priyanka touched my dick with her hands from above my jeans. I touched her pussy area, it was very warm between her thighs.

“Your dick looks so big, I wanna see it”, she said. I asked her to come to my room with me. (I stay alone in my room, so there was no problem there). She agreed instantly.

We left from there and headed towards my room. On the way, I bought a few condoms. We were talking and teasing each other. I told her that I was a virgin, to which she replied that she was also a virgin. This made the moment even more special.

I will be narrating the first and best sex of my life with Priyanka in the next part. Till then, don’t forget to send me your views on this story. Ping me at [email protected]

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