Got hard while niece cried about her breakup

I M19 came home from college to visit my sisters family. Her F18 step daughter my step niece and I ended up home alone, when she came to me crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. She satnext to me with her legs over mine and cried into my chest. I was trying to be supportive but something about it turned me on and I got really hard. I don’t think she noticed because she kept crying. I’ve always been turned on by her so I guess it was hot. I did something really stupid after she left to use the bathroom. I went into her room and stole a bra and underwear set and put it into my backpack. When I got back on campus later that week I realized how wrong that was and hid the stuff under my bed. Well I got drunk one night with some friends and they dropped me off. I was so horny and I remember taking out the underwear and trying to cum. I couldnt finish so I put on sex audio off the Internet and pulled up one of her pictures. Woke up with her underwear covered in cum and I thought that was the end of it. But Ive been trying to jerk off and can’t finish unless it’s to her. I think I fucked up.

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