Got fucked with my face shoved into the grass not even an hour ago [26F]

So I’m typing this about 40 minutes after it happened and I can still feel his cum slowly dripping out of me.

I was going on my afternoon jog alongside the canal and I heard someone from behind me shout “Nice arse!”. I haven’t been fucked since last weekend when I had my fun and thought, why not give it a go. I turn around and shout back “If you can catch me, I’ll let you see it”, and pick up my pace a little bit.

It only took him about 10 seconds to have caught me up and stopped me, so of course I stay true to my word and pull my shorts down for him, letting him see and have a feel. I can instantly see his cock getting hard underneath his shorts and my inner slut took over, I drop to my knees, pull it out and instantly start sucking. He’s just under average size but is making it for it in width, “Not here” he whispers and pulls his shorts up, leading me into the bushes. The second we get in a more private place he bends me over a tree stump and pushes my face into the grass while he goes to town on my arse. No lube, barely any precum, he just raw dogged my ass and it was so insanely sexy that he just took over like that, that I came within minutes. Just after he cums, he helps me get back up, gives me his number and told me to be on this same route next week for my pussys turn at a pounding. Little does he know that next week I’m bringing some ropes so we can have a bit more fun against the trees!

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