Got creampied by 2 guys on the picnic

It was a scorching summer day. I found myself enjoying a delightful picnic with two close male friends. After a swim in the lake we settled down on a cozy blanket sharing laughter and lighthearted banter. There was a chemistry building between us as we playfully teased one another.
With shared enthusiasm we assisted each other in removing our clothes. As I reclined on the blanket one of the gentlemen entered my body with gentle fervor. Pleasure escaped my lips as he rhythmically thrust himself in and out. Simultaneously the other gentleman positioned himself for me to pleasure him orally. I skillfully took him into my mouth while being passionately taken from behind.
The intensity heightened as the gentleman inside me increased his pace causing our bodies to collide with force. A powerful orgasm surged within me causing my inner muscles to tightly grip around him drawing out his release inside me. Meanwhile the other gentleman withdrew from my mouth. Released his passion across my chest and abdomen. Exhausted yet gratified by our experience we collapsed together in a warm embrace, on the blanket—a picnic memory that will forever stay with me.

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