Got caught today

My friend came in and I had the red set on. He had been waiting for a week. He was ready the moment he saw me. I made him stop and watch while I finished taking pics. Someone had asked for pink toy at a different angle. I got it out and made him stand and watch me. He took his clothes off as he watched me slide the pink dildo into my wetness. He came closer. I let the vibrator touch my clit as I slid the other part inside me. Omg I was instantly dripping wet. The vibration on my clit, him watching my pussy take the toy in and out. He finally had enough and knelt between my legs. He slowly licked and teased my slit. It was even better than the toy. I laid back letting my legs open so he could do whatever he wanted. I was so into it I didn’t notice someone was at the door. The door wasn’t shut all the way. My husband had left for most of the day. When I looked up I made eye contact with my husband’s twin. I panicked for a second. He was so focused watching my friend lick my pussy he didn’t see me look over. I watched him watching and rubbing himself through his pants. My friend said he couldn’t wait much longer. He started playing with my clit and sliding his fingers in and out of me. He was leaking pre cum all over my thigh. He was licking and sucking my nipples. He made me cum hard twice and said if he didn’t slide his dick in my pussy he was gonna cum on my leg. I told him he could finally fuck me. He put the head between my lips. He moaned when he felt my warmth & wetness. He tried to push in and only the tip went in. Fuck, you feel amazing. I spread my legs wider to give my more access. It went in a little more. I knew he wouldn’t last long by the moan that came out of him. He got ii in and said fuck it’s so unbelievable. He started fucking me trying his best not to cum. I forgot for a minute his twin was watching. I could see how hard he was. How bad he wanted to fuck me. I felt my friend get bigger and felt hot cum explode in me. He pulled out and I opened my lips to show the cum running down my swollen pussy. I looked up and his twin was gone

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