Going out with degrading things written all over my body

I’ve been hooking up with a guy who’s been introducing me to lots of new BDSM play. I’ve always liked it rough, but he’s been opening my eyes to even more ways I can be submissive to him.

We had been playing that afternoon. He put a collar on me and had me crawl around on the floor for him. I loved the degradation of it, and we pushed things even further. Before he fucked me, he wrote all over my naked body. He wrote ‘cum dump’ on my stomach, just above my pussy, with an arrow pointing down. On my ass, he wrote ‘fuck hole’. Across my chest, he wrote ‘slut’. I loved every moment of it. Playing like that was incredible and it made the sex even better.

After we were done, though, it was time for us to head out and meet some friends. I choose not to wash off the writing, instead putting my clothes on over it. I loved the idea of having the words on my skin, hidden from everyone else while I and the guy knew that they were there. The writing on my skin could be my dirty secret. I would know that I was a whore and that, just under my clothes, was evidence that anyone could have seen. It kept me turned on all evening, and we fucked again when we got back.

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  1. That sounds so hot. You can also try not cleaning after a creampie, just putting on some panties and then going out. Listening to my friends talk as I feel cum dripping out of my holes.. So hot….


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