Girls bathroom

Since many people have been asking me about my sexual experiences, I wanted to share a story with you all. I (F18) have to admit that I am a virgin, but I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with people. One of my favorite experiences was when I was exploring my sexuality and had started seeing a girl at the beginning of my senior year of high school. As you can tell from my stories, I am often horny, but I am guilty of being really shy when it comes to sexual stuff. This girl was VERY upfront, and I found out the hard way, lol.

During school, she would often text me during class and ask me to meet her in the girls’ bathroom. There was one bathroom at school where you would walk down two flights of stairs, and it was almost always empty because no one wanted to walk the two flights. It was commonly known as the school’s “dirty bathroom,” so when I would get those text messages, I would rush down those stairs immediately, lol. We would usually make out and grind on each other most of the time, but one time she was EXTRA hungry and was rubbing me through my leggings. Now, I’m a virgin, and OMG, I was loving it. Every kiss we had, I was just moaning into her mouth. I couldn’t take it, so I just grabbed her hand and stuffed it down my pants. She went absolutely feral over my desperate reaction and continued kissing me, even lifting up my shirt and lowering my bra to suck on my tits. I was going absolutely crazy and just came all over her fingers, and she had to catch me because my legs just went completely weak.

Sadly, we had to end it there since the school bell had rung, and that’s when administration would start checking the bathrooms for ditchers. After that, we remained friends and would sometimes still head down to the lower bathroom, but after she got a girlfriend, I distanced myself and supported her from afar, lol.

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