Girlfriend has a surprise for me.

After a solid night of partying and drinking way too much my girlfriend Barb and I went back to her place. I made the classic mistake, slow down drinking near home time, don’t speed up. We ended up taking an uber home. Not even sure what club I left my car at!

We got to Barbs place. She rents a basement suite. We stumble to her bedroom undress and as you’d expect we have sex. Barb is a free spirit. I’ve seen her kiss girls at clubs etc. she says I have a little surprise. Sure. Whatever. I heard movement in the other room. I hear the door open. I’m thinking alright a 3 way. She slips a blindfold on me. I thinking this is going to be good, I was so right.

I hear some tunes start playing and a weight on the bed. Barb moves over. I felt a hand running through my hair and caressing my body. I felt a hand on my cock tugging on it. She straddles me. I’m waiting for her to lower her pussy on me. I was a little wrong. I felt the head of a cock brushing my lips. I kissed the tip. My tongue found it’s way to swirl the head. My cock was rock hard. I’d never been with a man. I took the whole cock in my mouth and started sucking. Barb was encouraging me. I felt his hand stroking my cock and feeling my balls. He spoke quietly. Said, “first time?” I nodded. I held his testicles in my hand. I felt them draw up to his scrotum. I knew he was close to cumming. Barb says. “Can he cum in your mouth?” I nodded. Right then a warm sticky load of male ejaculate filled my mouth. He was moaning and groaning. He held my head and thrust the last few spurts into my mouth. I took a deep breath and swallowed his cum.

Barb simply said “oh wow!” He moved me around still blindfolded and steered my hard cock to his ass. Barb rolled a condom on me and put lots of lube on me and his ass. He steered my finger to his hole. He asked me to warm him up a bit with a finger. I did. I put my cock at the hole. He pushed back into me. My balls tensed. I pushed forward. He paused I heard him take a deep breath and I pushed. I was in. He let out a sound of ecstasy. I thrust steady I was getting off thinking I was engaged in gay sex. I didn’t last long. I came hard. He was coaching me to get off as was Barb. His asshole released and I pulled out. I was still blindfolded as he left. I pulled off the blindfold. Barb said watching was so hot. I told her I loved sucking his cock. His cum tasted great”. Barb said, “ I was pretty sure you’d swing bi given the chance”.

Yup. Don’t limit yourself.

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