Girl in club

At Fridays and Saturdays i like to go to club. For some drinking and dancing and meeting girls 😉
Last weekend i was at new club in my city. It is pretty big one and very popular right now. I went there with my friends and after some time i went to bar for some beer etc. There i saw super hot girl, super slim and fit but not skinny with long legs, amazing face. We i was ordering beer she was going to her friends and man what an ass she got, like you don’t expect this kind of ass from slim girl. She swayed her ass as she walked is super sexy way, like she knew that everyone are looking.
Unlucky i saw her with guy that probably was her boyfriend. I was like alright can’t have anything you want. Some time later like 30 minutes i decided to dance a little and there i met her again. Holy shit her moves were amazing, super sexy but sensual too. She was dancing alone and i thought “alright i will take my chance”. I moved closer to her and danced next to her. I am pretty good dancer, nothing too amazing but i can move well.
She noticed me and we got into a rhythm together and danced for like 20 minutes. After that i asked her if she wants to drink something. We went to bar and talked and drinked a little. I found out that the guy was for real her boyfriend but he got drunk and didn’t wanted to dance.
She was not only hot but she had hot voice too, little deep for girl but in sexy way. After talk we went to dance more as she liked the way i moved. Before i thought that she was sexy dancer but now she got even sexier and more frisky. She was rubbing her amazing ass against my crotch, a lot of her touching me and me touching her. Not gonna lie i got pretty hard and even semi hard cock makes massive bulge. She noticed and smiled in naughty way.
Few minutes later she grabbed my hand and she started leading me from dance floor. She was heading towards toilets and when she looked at me i saw her fuck me eyes. We went to one of cabins where she started to rub my crotch and kiss me.
“My fucking boyfriend is drunk and i need some fun with hot guy” she said when she was unzipping my pants. After she took out my cock she said “fuck my boyfriend is nothing compare to you” and i asked her “Yeah? You like it?” She nodded as she had my cock in her mouth and then she gave me best blowjob in my life, like holy shit it was hard to not cum and i am not a guy who is cumming from nothing. I managed to last for few minutes but finally i cummed hard with one of my biggest cums in life. I plastered her face with it and she swallowed some. She smiled and said “fucking hell what a cum”.
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