GFs lesbian sister

My GFs sister. What a woman! I (M 27)
Her sister 23. I use to stay over every weekend and my GF would work half days Sunday.

She was working and I was just lay in bed watching YouTube on my laptop at the bottom of her bed. When a knock at the door I said come in not thinking anything of it.

It was her, she had a tray with some breakfast on I said “come in just put it on the side thank you! So kind!”

She asked what I was up to and showed her, she said ah want company? I said yeah sure sit down?

She shut the door, flung the covers back looked down at me laying in my boxers with morning glory that was now starting to get harder visibly!

She looked and we made eye contact that felt for minutes. She climbed into the single bed and squished right up. She’s very slim and large breasts and decent ass.

Being African she they are gifted in many areas!

We watched and she would “scoot” up closer as I turned towards her slightly and moved the laptop with my feet over so we were pretty much spooning.

She would subtly press her ass back into me (you know, as girls do!) and would half turn her head to see if I had realised.

I of course pushed back a little and occasionally would hear her little “ohh” moan.

Iv never really came in my boxers but this going on for so long and knowing she is a lesbian was so hot!

I could feel the pre Cum in my boxers, it was fair bit, I would move now and then to make sure she could feel it, I could feel it pressing against her ass.

She lifted her leg up and I felt my cock get warm, knowing it was pressing between her legs towards her pussy.

After this going on for 20 or so minutes she got out and stretched facing Me. I could see her grey pj shorts with a decent wet patch and slight camel toe as she stared at me rubbing her hands down her breasts and round her sides before leaving.

As soon as the door shut I grabbed some tissues and tugged my cock like 4 times and came. I let out a noise and lay back and heard her walk off across the landing. She clearly waited and knew!

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