Gfs best Friend

Several years ago, I (M) was 20and my GF was 18. We had been together for 2 years. At that time her parents were still somewhat strict and required her to be at home by 10 and wouldn’t let me stay late. Her Best friend would always hang out with us with her Bf. One night her BF left, and my Gf had to go home so it was just me and her BFF at the ballfield after a game. We decided our night was not over, so we went riding around have a few beers. We pulled down a long farming path, sat on the tailgate and drank a few beers and chatted. We both expressed our displeasure of the other half’s going home, which encouraged some flirting, and joking about our options with each other. I made a move to kiss her, which turned into making out, and her sucking me off. For the next few months, 2-3 times a week we would meet up to fuck each other when our other half’s went home. I took her anal virginity first, then the next week I took her vaginal virginity. She wanted to save herself for marriage, but I ruined that option for her. My Gf never found out, and we ended up getting married. She was the maid of honor, and it was fun exchanging looks during the ceremony.

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