Gay M. Lost my virginity on friday

I did consent to all beforehand.
I met this guy on grindr and we hooked up. Hes 48. I’m 18.
Hes absolutely beautiful. Large muscles, blue eyes, tattoos, back hair, tall. He was very dominant. He has a good 7″ dick that was very, very thick. He made me deep throat it. He pushed my head down all the way to the base. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to take it while he trusted his cock in my mouth. He came in my throat and I absolutely loved it. He was calling my his “good slut” and “cock worshipper”. He then lifted me up. Slapping my ass till it was raw while carrying me to the bed from the couch. He flipped my over and pulled me. He began to give me a rimjob. He used his tongue in some magical ways, I was moaning the whole time he then rubbed his spit onto his dick. His dick was touching my asshole. He said he wont fuck ne unless I begged. So I was basically moaning and begging him to put it in. He hurt me a little while pounding but it felt so good. We did it raw. Throught, he called me his “cum slut”, “cum dump”, “sex slave” and “whore”. He pounded so, so hard and so fast. I was begging him to slow down but he only went faster. He even slapped my back as a punishment as he didnt give me permission to talk. He was also spanking me as a punishment 4 cumming without permission. That turned me on. He then came inside if me. Cum was dripping down my asshole. He used his fingers to put it back into my raw ass. This made me scream.

Also, if anyone wants to sext/send gay porn/get me to rate ur dick pic etc… dm me!

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