Fun With Freda (Part 4) [M55} [F52] {F53] [Cheating]

Two weeks flashed by as M and I prepared to get our own back on Freda. M was inspired, and dove into the preparations with her usual energy. There was much to coordinate, equipment to purchase and test, a menu to plan, and many other bits and pieces had to line up for our scheme to work.
Still, I was fond of Freda, even though she had fucked my wife. As to what she had put me through, well, I could overlook that. But M was furious, and I think she was riled up by two things. First, that Freda had seduced both of us, and second that she had recorded how M had been a willing and eager partner in their sexual adventure, so that the video had destroyed the self-serving account she had fed me. M wanted revenge.

What was the plan? In a nutshell, we would invite Freda over for dinner next Saturday night. At the right moment, M would get her into the back bedroom on some pretext and they would start making out. I’d be watching on video link, and when things had gone far enough, I would burst in to discover them at it. Then M and I would tie her up and fuck her to show her who was boss. I had ordered a kind of strap-on thing for M, and we tried it a few times, so she was getting quite into it. In fact, the more M thought about the night to come, the hornier she got! I was getting so worn out that I ordered some blue pills online to be able to keep up with her. Now, we had only to lay the trap by inviting Freda over for dinner. That was M’s job.

Except, I liked Freda and didn’t want her harmed. I also did not want to do something that might have M and I detained as guests in government run accommodation for 10 years! So, I hatched a sub-plan, kept it secret from M, but for which I had to enlist the help of one other person. That was Freda!
I stopped by Freda’s store late one afternoon when M thought I was out getting an oil change on the car. Freda flashed a big smile as I came in, and after a bit of chit chat and making sure the coast was clear, she put up the closed sign and led me into the back room. No sooner were we there than she came in for a passionate kiss, but after a few moments I broke lock and wriggled free.

“Sorry, Freda, but I’m not here for that. We need to talk, seriously.”

Freda stepped back and put her finger to her chin in contemplation. “Do you mean, about M? I assume you’ve watched the video?” she said with a smirk. “M’s a saucy one, so she is! You should bring her along sometime.”

I shook my head. “Yes, we’ve watched the video, both videos in fact. M wants to get back at you for seducing her, so we’ve come up with a plan. I wanted to let you into it, for reasons that will become obvious.”

Freda nodded with interest, so I gave her a run-down of what M and I had in mind for her. Her eyes grew wider as I got into more detail, but when I finished, she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Holy cow! Well, yes, I could go along with that, it sounds entertaining. You and M are more interesting that I thought.” Freda smacked her lips in anticipation.

“Except,” I said, “there’s a sub-plan that M doesn’t know about, and I’m going to need your help to pull it off.”

“A sub-plan! Well, that sounds intriguing. Tell me about it and how I can help.” Freda leaned in close, hungry for detail.

I explained the sub-plan to Freda. She laughed and gasped as I went along, nodding at the good bits and giving me the “naughty-boy” finger wave at others. I finished talking and stood there with my arms crossed.

“Well, I can certainly help.” Freda grabbed my phone and tapped a number into the contacts. “Here’s what you need. Very reliable, and clean. Just mention my name if there’s any trouble.” She thought for a moment. “I’ll need a ‘safe word’. Let me think for a moment. Ok, use this,” and she typed the safe word into the notes on my phone. I looked at it, repeated it to her and Freda said it back to me. She told me to share it with M, so we’d all be in the picture.

“Got it,” I said. “Thanks, Freda, I think this will work, and should be a lot of fun.”\\

“Sure, no problem. I’m sorry if I’ve caused some friction between you and M, so if this will help, I’m all in.” Freda put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a sweet look. “Let me make it up to you.”

I’d told M I’d be 45 minutes or so, and time was marching on. I didn’t think I’d be able to stretch it out much longer, so I said sorry, I had to go. Freda wasn’t having it, though.

“Honestly, you’ve already had sex with me once, I’ve seduced your wife, and now you’re begging me to come over and play lady slut with you both…and you won’t give me a little comfort now?”

“I haven’t had sex with you,” I said.

Freda raised an eyebrow. “Cripes, who are you, Bill Clinton? You ate me out and I jacked you off, remember? I’d call that sex! In any case, you need me for your little plan, and I’m starting to think I shouldn’t go along with it now!”

Freda had her pouty face on, standing there, hands on hips. Freda wasn’t beautiful, but her soft features, complimented by her black hair (M was blond) and that pouty “why won’t you fuck me” look made me think again. I reached out and gave her a hug. My lips found hers and we kissed gently. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest, and knowing she was braless sent a little zing down to my cock that began to harden. I was lost.

Freda took my hand and led me across the work room in behind some partitions, the sort used for office cubicles. Behind them, she had an office set up, with a rather sturdy, wheeled office chair. “The video doesn’t capture this area,” she said. “We’ll be quite alone.”

It was a different Freda with me now, gentle, and soft, hugging, kissing, fondling, sighing, and moaning. Our clothes disappeared, and she was on the chair, her naked breasts exciting my passion as she sucked my dick with loving care while I stroked her cheeks and short, black hair. Then, I was down on my knees, caressing her pussy, exploring with my tongue, thrusting with fingers. Her engorged clit stood proud, and I began to suck it aggressively. Freda moaned and jumped a bit as I did so.

“Slow down, tiger,” she said. “You guys always seem to go crazy for that thing, but treat it gently, gently. At least at first!”

I throttled back, licking and sucking lightly while I explored. As her juices began to flow, I slowly, carefully inserted two fingers, then three as I pumped her. Freda leaned back, moaning, pushing her hips out and grabbing my hair. Once again, my entire hand slipped inside and as I fist-fucked her, I wondered if her cunt would contract enough to grip my cock when I entered her? For there was no question in my mind but that I was going to fuck her and the anticipation was driving me crazy. Freda started cumming, pushing my head into her pussy. Remembering her advice, I latched on to her freakish clit and sucked as hard as I could. She went wild and her gyrations almost put her off the chair. Done, she pushed my head away and stood up. Freda was gorgeous, her chest flushed pink, her swollen tits pushing out from her chest.

Freda motioned to the chair. “Have a seat, lover boy,” she said. I did as commanded, and Freda knelt on a small rug in front of the chair. Her lips caressed my cock, slurping up a generous load of pre-cum, one hand giving a gentle stroking, while the other sought out the star of my asshole with a gentle, wet finger. I felt the intensity growing, but I wanted to finish inside her, so after a few minutes I touched her cheeks and raised her head from my cock. Looking straight into Freda’s green eyes, I noticed her lovely smile, and a dribble of pre-cum on her lips and chin. Her milky white breasts had gone rosy-pink with excitement and her nipples stood hard. If Freda had asked me for anything at that moment, I’d have given it.

“Fuck me, baby,” I begged. “I want to cum inside you. Please!”

Freda grinned. Standing up, she came in for a sloppy kiss, pushing pre-cum into my mouth with her tongue, driving me crazy. In my passion, I grabbed her tits a bit roughly, but then she withdrew. Turning around, I had a great view of her fabulous ass cheeks as she began to lower herself on to my cock. Guiding me with one hand, I entered her easily, and Freda let her full weight onto my lap and began to alternately grind and move up and down my shaft. Freda must have been fond of Kegel exercises, because the pussy that I had violated with my entire fist was now as tight as a virgin. Even sitting motionless, her cunt could grip my cock in rolling waves of contractions. I reached one hand around to rub her clit, finding it easily as it poked out from her pussy lips. Freda gasped and yelled something incoherently, bouncing up and down on my cock with abandon. I knew I wouldn’t last long and gave up trying, thrusting my hips to meet her downward stroke until I felt the eruption beginning in my balls running up my shaft and into her pussy.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I yelled, as if it wasn’t obvious and I could feel spasms of pleasure coursing through Freda’s body as I held her gyrating hips. She orgasmed a second time with me inside and I shot streams of cum deep inside her. We both thrashed for a few moments and then came the release. Freda leaned forward to disengage, falling to the floor and curling up on the office rug. I left the chair and cuddled in behind her, gently stroking her breasts and cooing in her ear. I could have died in that moment and been happy.

After a few minutes, Freda rolled over and faced me. Giving me a gentle kiss, she suggested it was time to move on, or M would be wondering. We had a quick shower, and as Freda towelled me off and I gazed again on her fabulous tits, I contemplated going in for a second round. But there wasn’t time, so we dressed and headed out to the front room of the store.

“Thanks, for that,” she said. “Very nice, really one of the best! I’m looking forward to helping you and M with your plan. Here’s a little memento of this afternoon.” Freda pressed an SD card into my hand.

“I thought the video didn’t cover the office,” I said, feeling a little concerned.

“It doesn’t,” said Freda. “But the audio picks up everything. You might want to play it sometime when you’re on a long drive.” I laughed, then we kissed and hugged, and I went out the door. I reminded Freda that M would be over Monday afternoon, just before closing time, to invite her over for dinner. Freda nodded, and it seemed as if she was lost in thought for a moment. Then she escorted me to the front door and gave me a little wave as I left.

A few minutes later, I got home. M was in the kitchen preparing dinner, humming a tune. She looked sweet and happy.

“Where did you get to,” she asked? “You were gone for a good two hours. I was about to call.”

“Sorry, there was a bit of a line up at the oil and lube place, so it took longer. But in the end, I did get my oil changed.”

(Stay tuned for Part 5, the Invitation!)

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