Fun With Freda (Part 1) (MF) (Cheating) (Fiction)

I often stop by a local shop to see what’s new. It had all sorts of exotic nick-knacks, cards, toys but also some original candy creations made on site. Freda runs the store, a delightful lady, quite tall and large with a sunny personality, short black hair, a great smile and an infectious laugh. Freda is very creative and loves to show off new products, and she’ll often take me into the production room to demo something she’s working on. I never imagined that one of these visits would turn wild!

I had a suspicion that Freda might have a thing for me. I’m 6 foot tall, with light brown hair, going a bit grey, and fit for my age, (55) as I run and work out. She’s early 50s, divorced and always flashing a big smile for me, chatting, telling stories, asking what I think about this or that. She showed me her workshop in the back one day, crowing about her new candy making equipment. One time I asked to use the bathroom, and when there I noticed there was a small shower. I asked Freda, and she said that making candies can be hot work, with sugar and marzipan getting everywhere on occasion, so she often liked to grab a quick shower at the end of the day before going home. She had some part time helpers, younger women, who were on site a couple of hours a day. Seeing Freda was always a bright spot in my day, and I enjoyed stopping by.

One day I stopped in just before closing and Freda to suggested we pop back into the workshop to see a new idea she was working on. Turned out it was a chocolate banana dipped in sprinkles! Freda picked up a banana, peeled it, and dipped the end into the chocolate vat. Twirling it about for a moment, she dipped it quickly into a bowl of sprinkles, then pulled it out and held the end up, telling me to have a bite. I moved in closer to get my lips on it, but just at that moment a glob of chocolate dripped off the banana and onto Freda’ apron at chest height. Instinctively, I reached out to intercept the wayward chocolate, but missed and ended up grabbing her left boob! It was surprisingly firm, given that they didn’t show much through her apron. Freda gasped and stepped back.
“What was that?” she asked, waving the dripping banana at my face.
“I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I was just trying to keep the chocolate from dripping on your chest, honest.”
Freda stared at me with a strange intensity, her face betraying an emotion I could not divine. Her lips moved, but just then the front door chime rang out.

“Just stay right there,” she said. “Don’t move. I’ll be back in a moment.”

With that Freda went out of the back room up to the counter. I could hear the friendly banter of customer and proprietress, as I stood there, worrying. It was all a misunderstanding. I had not meant to feel her up, but now that I had I couldn’t get the sensation of her breast out of my mind. Like many women her age, she dispensed with a bra, finding them too confining for the physical work required to make her product. Wearing an apron over her shirt gave sufficient coverage against prying eyes, but the result had been that I’d gotten a fair handful when I reached out. What the heck was she going to do now? What kind of trouble was I in? These thoughts ran through my mind as I stood there, worried and excited at the same time.

The front door opened and closed and I heard Freda’s footsteps coming back into the workroom.
“I’ve put up the Closed sign and locked the door,” she said. “That way we won’t be disturbed.” Freda came up close in front of me and looked me in the eyes. Pushing a pointy finger into my chest, she backed me up against the work counter.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy,” she said. “Very, very naughty! Do you know what Freda does to naughty boys who try to grab her girls?”

“I dunno, I’m sorry…” I stammered.

“Shut up!” she cried. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.” With that, she leaned over and grabbed a large wooden spatula off the worktop. “Turn around and bend over!”

“What? No way!”

“Would you rather I called your wife and told her what you just did?”

I hesitated. My wife, M (F53), also frequented the shop and knew Freda slightly. Should I channel the Duke of Wellington, shout “Publish and be damned,” and then just walk out the door?’ She could hardly stop me. But somewhere deep inside, a tiny shiver of desire blossomed, supported by more than a little curiosity of where this might lead. I decided to go along for the ride, and nodded yes.

“Oh no, please don’t make any calls. Ok, do whatever, just don’t call her.”

With that, I turned around and leaned over onto the worktop, which pushed my ass out toward Freda. Freda laughed, and almost immediately she gave me a hard stroke across the cheeks with the spatula. I grunted with pain, but kept my cool. Another stroke landed, and boy, it hurt!

“Now say after me, ‘I’ll keep my hands off of Freda’s titties.’ Say it!” She emphasized the point with another belt with the spatula.

“I’ll keep my hands off of Freda’s titties!” I sang out, my eyes smarting. Yet another stroke landed, but somewhat gentler this time, and I jumped a little as I felt Freda’s left hand grabbing my crotch. It rubbed up over my dick while another, still substantial slap landed on my ass cheeks.

“Stay still,” she said, as suddenly both hands were busy, undoing my fly and pulling my cock free from my boxers. She stroked it gently until she felt it rising to the occasion, and then landed yet another stroke on my ass. Her hand withdrew, and she told me to look at the wall. I did as instructed, and a minute or so passed with no blows landing, just me feeling stupid with my semi-erect dick hanging out of my pants. I heard a rustle of clothing.

“Ok, turn around,” she said.

I turned around, and gasped. Freda stood before me, her apron on the floor, her shirt open and her breasts fully exposed. And, oh my, the view was fantastic! As big as you’d expect on a big, tall woman, they were creamy white with lovely pink nipples perking up. I took a step forward, raising my hands ever so slightly toward those luscious treats, but a sudden flash in her eyes made me hesitate.
“May I?” She nodded, and in a moment they were in my hands, submitting to my gentle caresses while I felt her hand stroking my rock-hard shaft. I went in for a kiss, and she sighed as I started with a gentle nibble, progressing to some provocative tongue thrusts as I felt her grip on my cock tighten up. Suddenly, Freda broke lock and pushed me away.

“Take it all off,” she said, while she stripped off the remainder of her work togs, revealing her tall and solid frame without a hint of modesty or embarrassment. A real woman, unashamed, and flushed with desire stood before me. If I’d been smart I would have stuffed my dick back into my pants and fled, since it was unlikely Freda was going to pursue me into the parking lot stark naked. But, my little head controlled me now, since all my blood had rushed from my brain to my ass cheeks and my cock. So, I shed my clothes in the blink of an eye, and closed up to action stations. Now it was my turn to push her up against the worktop, grabbing her ass and stuffing all eight inches up against her soft tummy while we kissed passionately. A wicked notion arose as I realized a pot of melted chocolate and a banana were close at hand. I moved my right hand up from her bum and dipped it into the warm chocolate, scooping up a handful of the gooey treat. Freda gasped as I smeared chocolate over her tits with both hands, taking full opportunity to squeeze gently and caress, rubbing tiny, sticky, circles on her stiff nipples. Freda let her head fall back and sighed as I caressed her. Suddenly, I grabbed the bowl of sprinkles and dumped it over her head. Freda sputtered as the tiny sprinkles showered over her hair, across her face, her tits and tummy. Her breasts turned into multicolor treats as the sprinkles stuck in the warm chocolate. In fact they were everywhere, in her hair, on her lips, her tits and even in her bush. She laughed and snorted, as she tried to brush sprinkles out of some awkward spots.

“My, that’s good.” she said. “Have you worked with candy before?”

Laughing, I stood back for a moment, taking in the view of chocolate and sprinkles dripping off her lovely boobs. Then, grabbing a banana, I dipped it into the chocolate and held it up to her lips.

“Suck it,” I said.

Freda smiled, and grabbing my wrist she pulled the dripping banana to her lips with one hand, while grabbing my cock with the other. Looking into my eyes, she licked the chocolate off the tip, and then began sucking the sticky syrup from the banana’s shaft, followed by slowly inserting it half way into her mouth with a low, moaning sound. I felt near to exploding, so I pushed her hand away from my cock, and grabbing her waist with both hands hoisted her up so her bottom sat on the work top. She wasn’t light, but when you’re horny you can move mountains! Freda dropped the banana and leaned back, her hands on either side as I spread her legs and dropped to my knees. Freda had a full bush of cunt hair, but as I pushed her lips open with my fingers her lovely, glistening pink pussy revealed itself.

This, my first touch of Freda’s happy place drew a low moan from her plump lips. Some of the chocolate and sprinkles had dripped off her tits on to her thighs, near her crotch. Inspired, I dipped my fingers into the chocolate pot and smeared a dollop just above her clit, being careful not to push any into her cunt, and began to rub over her clit and the outside of her lips. Freda’s moaning grew, so I followed up with a bit of light tongue action, and her response told me I was heading in the right direction. Freda’s clit was freakishly big, sticking out almost an inch as it stood proud, glistening pink, so I spread her pussy lips and put some very light teeth pressure on it. After sucking my fingers clean of the chocolate/pussy juice combination, I inserted two fingers into her cunt, stroking gently, and changed from nibbling on her clit to a steady sucking, alternating with some long licks up and down so I could lap up some of that sweet cunt juice. It was hard to stay on target, as Freda’s bottom started to squirm and writhe, so I doubled down and stuck four fingers into her pussy, massaging gently. Her cunt juice was flowing freely, and suddenly my whole hand slid up into her vagina, pumping her with a gentle back and forth motion. Freda suddenly grabbed my head with both hands, and pulled my face hard into her pussy. I felt like a contortionist as my hand was trapped inside by the massive contractions of her cunt, while I maintained a lip lock on her clit, sucking like a lamprey on her tiny shaft.

“Fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck!” she exclaimed, bucking her hips up against my head as she pressed it into her pussy. The spasms continued one after another, as I struggled to avoid cunt suffocation and free my hand from the compressive waves wracking her vagina. Suddenly, it was over, and she pushed my head away from her crotch, panting like a marathon runner who had just crossed the finish line. Her creamy white breasts were now flushed pink, the color running up her neck and through her sweet, round face. Freda’s head lolled back, and she chuckled.

“Not bad at all,” she said, with a wicked grin. “Are you up to finishing the job?”

I up to it, but I was also regaining a bit of control. M wouldn’t be happy if she heard about my frolics with Freda, and if she thought I had fucked her all hell would break loose. Still, I was ready to get a bit of my own back on this tasty female. Without a word, I grabbed her hips and spun her around so she was face down on the worktop, her ass now exposed, pink and defenseless. I grabbed the spatula, and tapped it lightly on her bum, to let her know my intentions. Freda turned her head back towards me, her expression a mix of shock and surprise.

“Oh please,” she said, “I’ve been soooo bad, I deserve a spanking!

With that, I laid into her, spanking her bum lightly, just enough to raise a grunt from her lovely lips, and bringing her ass cheeks to a pretty rose color. Seven or eight strokes were enough, as she lay there face down on the countertop, groaning with desire. She raised her head and looked straight into my eyes.

“Take me now, you stud! Take me!”

“You wish,” I said. “My cock belongs to M, and you can’t have it!”

Freda’s eyes opened wide with disbelief. Then she frowned and moved her head as if to shake off the unwelcome news. Here was a man with a hard on, ready to mount, and he wouldn’t do it! But, she wasn’t ready to give up.

“Fine, then. There’s a dildo in the drawer just there, wrapped up in a towel. If you’re any kind of a man you’ll fuck me with that!”

“You keep a dildo back here, in the workshop?”

“Yes, sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through the day. Hurry!”

Freda sounded desperate, so I rifled through the drawer and found it. It was a flexible black shaft, thick and a good eight inches long. Freda was plenty wet, so I inserted it gently and started to stroke her pussy. She started made animal-like noises and pushed her ass toward me so I could get better access. I was standing beside her and as I fucked her with the dildo her hand reached out and grabbed my cock. I thought of pushing it away, but too late, I was caught and she squeezed and stroked in rhythm with the movement of the dildo.

“Harder, faster, you prick,” she grunted. The pressure on my dick increased and I didn’t think I could last much longer. I was practically ramming the whole eight inches of black latex into her pussy and I pinched her clit with the fingers of my free hand. Freda went wild, and I thought she was going to tear my cock from my body. She started cumming and an intense spasm wracked my groin as I shot my load onto her hand and arm. It lasted a minute with both of us groaning and writhing until we collapsed together on to the work top, spent.

As the brain fog cleared, I began to think about my exit. I glanced around, and saw my clothes lying in a heap on the floor. Freda slipped off the countertop and stood in front of me. Smears of chocolaty sprinkles covered her chest and tummy. She put her hands on my shoulder and closed in for a kiss, but I turned my head and it landed on my cheek.

“What’s the matter?” she said. “Buyers remorse?” Freda giggled, and brushed her hands across my chest.

“Look Freda, this was fun, great in fact, but this can’t happen again.”

“No, why not?”

“You know why. I’m not free, this was…unfortunate.”

“You’re wrong. I want you back here next week, same time, same place. This was great, and I need it, and from what I saw today, you really need it too!”

“No, I can’t. You’ve got to understand!”

Freda stepped back and smiled. Her tits were still nice and pink under the chocolate sprinkle mess, but her face was telling me she would brook no refusal. I’d love to tap this on a regular basis, but the idea was crazy, a non-starter.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you. This entire workspace is covered by CCTV, video and audio. I put it in last year when I caught one of my helpers stealing supplies. I think you should become a regular visitor to help me…test new products, shall we say? Or, an MPEG of your frolics might end up in the wrong hands, perhaps?”

Shit! I was caught, like a fly in a spider’s web. A nice, juicy, tall, divorced spider who wouldn’t rest until I fucked her silly! My mind drifted to an image of that shiny, wet, engorged clit poking out from her hairy cunt, and I felt the dawn of a new stiffening in my crotch. Still, I wasn’t going to be forced into anything.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I said.

Freda laughed. “Of course I wouldn’t,” she said. “Not unless you want me to send it to her. No, if you come back, it’s of your own free will. I won’t tell your wife or anyone.”

“You’ll destroy the video?”

“I’ll give you a copy, and then I’ll erase it from my system. That’s my promise, and I won’t break it.”
I relaxed. Freda was such a fun and friendly woman, I felt I could trust her. As it turned out, she was true to her word.

“C’mon,” she said. “We both look like hell. Let’s go back into the shower, and I’ll clean you up.”
The gleam in her eyes broke my last defense. She took my hand in hers and led me back to the shower. We had fun washing each other, but that was it. I’ve been back to the store several times since, and Freda, smiling and bubbly as always tried several times to entice me into the back to see what’s new. But, so far, I’ve given polite refusals, and Freda took them in her stride. Still, when I look at that lovely face I can’t help but think that Freda is plotting something that involves me. I just wish I knew what she was up to!

(If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for Part 2)

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