Fun night with my professor

My professor (60) in university always looked at me (21) during class. I always worn a little more see through clothing. Some friends of me said that he made pictures of me.

One time I told him that I would like to talk to him and we made an appointment after class.

We sat us down on the table in his office. He asked about my problem and if I need anything.
I asked him if he made photos of me. He looked very nervous and said nothing. I said he could tell me if he did. After a little bit of silent he took his phone out of his pocket and showed me his gallery.

It was full of photos of me. From me at university, outside and even at home. I was confused. He said that he really loved since the first class he taught me. It was kinda blushed.

I stood up and walked to him to give him a hug because he was so shocked and worried about the consequences.

I walked to the door and hold it open for him.
He said that he couldn’t stand up. I was confused because normally he was already at home at this time. I looked at him and saw it. His dick was hard as a rock.

He said that he was so sorry. I laughed and said that this is no problem men are attracted to the women body.

I asked him if I should do something against it and he said yes. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his dick and started to suck it. He looked so happy. After like 2 Minutes suddenly he came in my throat without saying. It was so much.

After that he directly pulled down my skirt and started to rub his dick against my pussy. He made me moan like crazy but we needed to be quite. He threw me on the table and started to fuck my pussy. We stayed over night and fucked raw

After the day he never wanted to met me again I think the caretaker heard us and told it the head of the university.

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