Fun Night with a „Friend“ from Online

Hey Redditors,

I always enjoyed reading your Stories here! So, I want to give it a try to post a story myself. Unfortunately, My Stories aren’t that exciting, therefore I decided to write a fictional story based of true events that happened to me If you like, you can guess which parts are true and which are fictional but let me tell you: It is not that obvious that you may think while reading it 😉. Also let me know what you think of my thirst try 😊

The Story:

It all took place on a snowy Saturday night about ten years ago. Due to the winter chaos, there was no chance of meeting up with friends, so it was me all alone that evening. After some hours of Battlefield, I got bored and gapped my phone to scroll through social media – where I saw, that a “friend” – lets call her Amber – was online too. I’m not sure if friend is the right word to describe Amber, because we never met personally. I got to know Amber as a Teenager (at that point, we were both in our early 20s) from a Group about some same interest on a social media Platform years ago. We got along with each other well and started chatting regularly. Turned out, we got a lot of things in common. That’s why I decided to start chatting her. She was also home alone and pretty bored. After some small Talk we decided to play a Game; The rules were simple: One Person sends the other A photo, which the other must replicate as good as it was possible. The Game started and it was fun. We both got creative and fooled around with our ideas. Because of my sometimes-provocative sense of humor I decided to spice things up and sent a pic of my Backside in the mirror just wearing my Boxers. I waited until she has seen the message and responded, that I just fooled around and of course she doesn’t has to replicate the picture. It took some time for a response, but then I received a Pic captioned “No, its fine 😉”. She replicated it. She photographed her mirror where you can see her standing with her backside in front of it just wearing her undies. Her Ass was perfect. I looked stunned at my phone and couldn’t believe what I just received. Still in disbelieve, she sent another pic captioned “So my Turn now”. It was another Mirror selfie of her in her undies, but this time you could see her frontside. She was looking seductively in the mirror and biting her lips. Her right arm covered her perky B-Cups while she has her phone in the left hand. Damn. You Could clearly tell she was into it and having fun. Of course, I did my best trying to replicate it, but I was curious how far she would go. I was so thrilled that I wasn’t even thinking about what to do next. I stripped my Boxers down and took a photo of me full naked revealing my semi-erected cock and send it to her. She responded first making fun of me writing “who is the sweet little boy down your belly?”. I responded that he was curious to see what she has in store. A short while after she replicated my Pic and there she was: totally naked. I was going crazy, and my semi-hard cock evolved to rock-hard. Soon another she sent another pic for me to replicate. You could tell she was laying in bed photographed down her body from her perspective. her legs were spread and a hand was covering her pussy. I responded with a question: “are you covering or playing with yourself?” She wrote back “covering, you little perv 😜”. I soon replicated the photo, but I was in a rush, I wanted more. I wanted to see what was possible in that night and because it was my turn to create something for her to replicate, I kneeled in front of my mirror and started recording myself stroking my cock. Is send it captioning “does videos count too?😇”. At first, I got no response. I Thought I took it to far and messed it up. I was just ready to call it a night when my phone notified me about an incoming message. It was a Text message from Amber: “all right you little perv 😜” followed by a video of her kneeling in front of her Mirror and playing with her pussy. From that point we exchanged short clips of each other masturbating. After Six more rounds she replicates to a video of me wanking hard and fast with a clip of her fingering her pussy captioned “wish it was your cock instead of my fingers you perv”. My dick was short before explosion so even if I had one of the best nights of my life, I knew it was Time for the finale. One Last Time I grabbed my phone and hit record: I jerked off and shot several ropes of Cum on my stomach and chest. I sent it to her with this message: Okay, final Round! Time to finish – Copy this!💦” About ten minutes later the finale response of the game came in: Two Videos of herself masturbating. The first one showed her orgasm while she was squirting in the second one. It was pure heaven! We booth cooled down after it and had some Smalltalk afterwards until it was late at night and we both went to bed. We never had a Session like this again, so that snowy night of a Saturday remains special to me.

So that’s the story of how I figured out I have a kink for sexting and exchanging naughty stuff. Hope you enjoyed reading, if you’re up for more, let me know. I do have some more ideas for stories like this.

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