Full control

Last night I had a guy over. I didn’t really feel like having sex but I really really wanted to suck cock so we made a little game of it. He had to sit there and let me suck his cock but if his hands touched me anywhere, I stopped for a full minute.

At first, he didn’t believe me. I took his cock out and licked his balls as I stroked his cock. When he was ready for my mouth to take him, he grabbed my hair. I shoved him off and stepped back and started my minute timer. After the minute, I started back on his balls again. This time he let me get to his cock on my own but in the first stroke with my mouth I deep throated him and he grabbed my head again. Once again, I backed off.

He broke the rule about six times. Finally he just put his hands behind his head and relaxed. I traced every vein of his hard cock with my tongue and made eye contact as I took his throbbing cock in my mouth.

Eventually I was ready for cum so I did my trick that sent him over the edge. I started deep throating his cock with eye contact although when I got to the base of his shaft, I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls too. This sent him over the edge and he grabbed my head as shot his huge load down my throat. It was so much cum some dripped out of my mouth. It was so fucking hot and I looked him in the eye as I sat up and drooled the cum onto my chest. I then scooped it up off my boobs with my tongue and ate it again, eventually swallowing his whole load.

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