Fulfilling a workplace fantasy under the desk in an empty office [MF]

After university I was walking a temp job in Cardiff before Christmas, filling in for the receptionists / assistants at an accounting company.

There was barely anything to do as it was the week before Christmas and almost all the staff were off or working from home. On the last day the company held a Christmas drinks reception for the people left in the building and it was my job to set it up.

They’d ordered way too much wine for the skeleton staff and by 3pm all the staff had gone and at least half of the drain was left for the temp workers to clear away (after pinching a few bottles each of course).

I spent most of my time in the few weeks I worked there with Catherine. She was the only other temp, curvy, black hair, green eyes and a few tattoos. After we’d cleared away the remaining bottles we went back to the empty reception and opened another to get us through to 5am.

We’d been a little bit flirty this week but the wine had sped things up and soon we were chatting about dating stories.

“You know,” she smirked, clearly given a bit of courage by the alcohol, “since I’ve been working here I’ve been fantasising about giving someone head in an office.”

“Well,” I relied, surprising myself by my brave response. “There’s a lot of empty offices round here at the moment.”

“Lead away,” she smiled.

We snuck off to a floor that I knew was almost certainly empty and jumped into the first free office saw. I sat in the chair and she immediately sat on my lap. I loved the feeling of her round ass against me and I explored the rest of her body, caressing her full round breasts as we kissed.

It wasn’t long before she could feel me growing hard and she got on her knees, under the desk to undo my belt. Excited by the fantasy becoming real and the wine helping things along, she hungrily took me in her mouth and started to suck. She had good technique, swirling her tongue around the tip and taking me as deep as she could.

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself getting close, so I moaned and grabbed a fistful of her black hair to let her know. She started sucking harder, bobbing her head and working the shaft until I couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming, long strings of it deep into her throat.

I pulled her back onto my lap and kissed her hard. For the rest of the day we were smirking at our desks thinking about what we’d done. We fucked a few more times after that, but my favourite memory of her is always that office blowjob.

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