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Hello guys. Thanks for the feedback.Feedback me later on [email protected] . I am again here to tell you another story which happened to me. So, guys, this is a story of how I satisfied my neighbour.This happened around 3months ago.

So guys let me tell you about rosi(name changed). Let me tell u about rosi. Sexy girl with the size of 34-30-32 .She had a baby of age I guess 7months old.She and her husband shifted recently to our society. So to welcome and greet them I went to there house. At that time rosi opened the door as her husband went out. I didn’t get any such intention on her. She said me to come in and sit. So I sat on the sofa and she brought me some juice. I started to drink it. All of a sudden her baby started to cry . He was hungry and want to drink milk, as they shifted recently all the appliances etc were spread everywhere in the house so she just came beside me and slowly removed her blouse and started to feed the baby. By seeing her feeding the baby my rod got harden.

I was not able to control myself. I tried to adjust my pants so that she cant see my boner. But she saw me adjusting and asked me what’s the matter. I thought that this is the time so I said her that “By seeing you feeding the baby I am hungry aswell, I need that milk too”.She was shocked by hearing this from me. And stood up and started to go inside the room. I was scared that she may say this to my parents. I was worried and started to leave from there. She called my name from behind and said me to stop.

I thought that she will scold me. So I just said her sorry and asked her not to say anyone about this. She said me that “Ok I will not say to anyone but on one condition”.I said I will do anything just you don’t say to anyone. She said, “Ok you lock the door and come and sit beside me on the sofe”. I did the same I locked the door and slowly went and sat on the sofa and asked her what’s the condition. She said that “I will not say to anyone if you lick my pussy and fuck me with your tongue”. I was shocked and happy to hear this. I said I will do anything just you don’t say to anyone. I said ok and sat on the ground.

She removed her saree and now she was just in her frock and blouse. I asked her to remove that too so that we both can feel much better. She agreed and said me as well to remove all my clothes. We both were now naked in front of each other. Ohhhhh god what a gorgeous body she was having. It can make an old man turn on. I said her to sit on the sofa so that I can lick her pussy. She sat there and first I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy as it was already wet. And started to stroke, she was having pleasure now so later I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and started to stroke harder and harder. She slowly started to moan ahhh ahhh ahh yess do it like that yess. Now I removed my fingers and started to lick it. She was on heaven now. I was fucking her pussy with my tongue now. Her juices were making me go crazy and now she hold my hairs tightly and was pushing me in. It made me crazy now. I started to lick it fastly. It made her mad and she was moaning like hell now ahhhhh yaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhh yessssssss fuuuucccccckkkkkk yaaaaaaaa do it like that yaaaaaaaa. She was in heaven now so I slowly got up and inserted my cock inside her pussy. She tried to stop me but I hold her hand and started to kiss her now. She didnt replied first but later she too started to kiss me back. I was slowly fucking her pussy and kissing her up and was pressing her both boobs by my hands. She was sucking my toungue and lower lip so good. I broke the kiss and said her to sit on knees and she sat. So I put my cock in her mouth. She sucked it so well as a pornstar. She took my whole cock inside and was sucking it like a lollypop. It was so good. I jerked in her mouth the whole and she swalled it all. She was still in mood and didnt cum yet so I inserted my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her badly. She was moaning ahhhhhh hhaaaaa fuck me hard ahhhhhhh hahaaaa ayaaaaaaaa. I started to suck her boobs. And was drinking milk from it. It was so tasty. She said that its for the baby not for you. I said from now I am ur baby too and I want this milk whenever I wish. She said that ok from now its all yours, you can drink it whenever you want.

Now my dick was hard again. So I laid her and inserted my dick in her pussy in a stroke and it went all . She screamed with pleasure ahhhhhhhhhhh. I fucked her hardly in and out . She was moaning in pleasure ahhhhh haaaaa yaaaaaa fuck me hard fuck me hard yaaaa ahhhhhhhh fuccckkkk. I fucked her harder and harder and she cum now. But I was still on so I removed my cock from her pussy and made her to be in doggy style and was about to fuck her asshole. She resisted she said that she never got fucked there. But I didn’t listen to her and by full stroke I inserted it in her asshole. She screamed hard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and started to cry . My dick was covered in her cum and pussy juices. I slowly slowly fucked it in and out . She was screaming and crying. Later I increased the speed and was fucking her hard now. She was not crying now and started to enjoy it. I was fucking her asshole hardly. She was screaming ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh fuck yaaaaa fuuuccckkkkkk. I cum inside her asshole. And we both sat on the sofa kissing eachother. Later she broke the kiss suddenly so I asked what happened . She said that her husband may come so we should get dressed up. So I got dressed and she was wearing her frock and blouse. And started to wear her saree. I said her that like when her baby cries for milk she removes her blouse a little and feed him. Same like that do now. I want to drink that milk now. She laughed for that and said “Ok my baby come here have your milk” .So she lightly removed her blouse and I started to suck her boob and was drinking milk from it. And was biting her nipples. She was enjoying that. And I was too. After that later she closed her blouse and we sat on sofa and kissed each other madly wildly.After some time her husband came so she introduced me to her husband and said him that I came to welcome them and greet them. His husband thanked me and asked me for juice.So I said no need uncle I just drank milk and my stomach is full so I came back from there. Whenever her husband goes out we both used to have fun now. We both tried many positions together.

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