Fucked my g[F23]’s twin sister by [M25]istake (part 2)

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Kylie walks through the front door and sees both me and Kayla. She said, “hey, since when did you guys start hanging out? And why are you wearing my costume Kayla?” I lower my head in shame, as Kylie says, “okay, what’s going on? What am I missing?” I told Kylie, “it’s best if you hear from me.” I hesitated and started to explain, “I didn’t know you went to Kayla’s last night after the office party because I was tired and went to sleep. I thought you were in that costume and we had sex, but had I known it was Kayla, I never would’ve. I’m so sorry about all this. I hope you can forgive me, probably not now but later.” Kylie looked at Kayla and she nodded shamefully saying, “It’s true…I had sex with Sam.” Kylie had a stern look on her face, looked to Kayla, both she and Kayla went into our bedroom and I heard some yelling and shouts. After about 15 minutes, I saw Kayla exit, as she heads for the front door, she looks at me and says, “I’m so sorry.”

I hear Kylie call me name, “Sam! I need to talk to you!” As I enter, Kylie sits in silence, then says, “I appreciate you being honest because most other people would try to lie and cover this up which is why I’m not going to break up with you…What gave you the idea to fuck my sister? Can’t you tell that wasn’t me? We’ve been together over a year and you still can’t tell the difference?” Kylie paused, “I guess I can’t I can’t blame it all on you. Kayla has always been like this and you just woke up.” I couldn’t come up with any words and sat there just saying, “I’m sorry. I just woke up from a nap, I thought she was you. And this is not an excuse, but why would you tell Kayla how good I was in bed? Kayla said she wanted to test it herself and that you and Kayla have fantasies with me? Shouldn’t that be something kept personally?” As an awkward silence filled the room, I just continued with my apology, “Kylie, I’m so sorry for what happened, but we can’t change the past. I know you won’t forgive me and Kayla right away, but I love you and I don’t want to end our relationship.” Kylie looked at me and said, “I need some fresh air.” After 10 minutes, Kylie comes back and asked me, “now that I calmed down some, how was she? Was she better then me?” Confused I said, “what? Like how she was at sex? I’m apologizing and that’s your next question?” “Just answer the damn question. How was she? Better then me?” Kylie asked. I replied, “No! You’re way better then she is.” Kylie said, “well she is right though. I did tell her how good you were in bed and we did fantasize sometimes.” All of this came as a relief but a shock as well. “So what now?” I asked. Kylie said, “I’m not forgiving you and you’re not off the hook, but I got a plan.”

So fast forward to the next week, when Kayla, Kylie, and me all had time off, we invited Kayla over. It was just me and Kayla. I told Kayla, “look, I talked with your sister, she said it would take time, but she’ll eventually get over this and maybe forgive us. But she hasn’t been intimate with me lately, I’ve been getting horny, and thought you would help me. Interested?” Kayla said, “are you sure? If she catches us again, it would be the end of us.” I told her it would be fine and I wanted to tie her up to a chair so she wouldn’t squirm. She agreed. After I got her tied up, I knocked on our closet, out comes Kylie. “What’s going on? What is this?” Kayla asked. “Your punishment,” Kylie said.

As Kayla was tied up, Kylie and I had sex right in front of her. Doing what we normally do, oral, foreplay, hot rough sex. “Ahh shit! Oh fuck keep going! Oh yeah right there! Fuck my pussy and make me cum!” Kylie scream out loud from plowing her pussy in multiple positions, pulling her hair, slapping her ass and orgasm multiple times while she made me nut twice. We forgot about Kayla for a moment, until Kylie looked over and saw Kayla crying. We stopped, untied her, she sobbed, “okay! I’m sorry! I’ll never come over again or talk to Sam! You happy? Just let me go home!” I looked to Kylie, and Kylie hugged Kayla, “I can see that you’re really remorseful and truly sorry,” Kayla nodded wiping her tears. “So join us. Just like we fantasized sis.” I was completely shocked when Kylie said this because this was not in the plan. But I played along as Kayla got naked and was already wet from watching. I resumed to fucking Kylie, making her moan, whimper, scream, wailing out until she came again. When it was Kayla, I did the same.
She whined, “oh yes! Feels so good!” but Kylie made me drill into her ass as Kayla cried out in pain. I was about to cum, so after I fucked Kayla in her ass I jizzed on her ass and back. Kylie licked them cum off Kayla and they made out sharing my cum. “You’re such a slut Kayla,” Kylie said as they both giggled.

So after cleaning up and talking, it made me happy to see that they were okay and eventually, Kylie forgave me. But now, I sometimes have an audience when I fuck Kylie and Kayla fingers herself. On rare occasions, if Kylie is okay with it, Kayla joins in. Kylie knows I have a high libido. I’m wondering do other twins do this?


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