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Fucked My Friend On Her Birthday

I am a regular reader of porn sex story dot com. This is my real life experience which happened last year and this is my first story so please support with your valuable feedbacks.

Hello, everyone, my name is Rohit and my age is 24 years and I stay in Navi Mumbai. This story is about me and my friend Roshni (Name Changed). To mention about myself I am a fair Indian boy with a satisfying size of 6-inch dick and to mention about Roshni, her age is 22, she is a fair girl with medium size of boobs and curvy figure and to mention a very sexy figure. All the boys in college tried to do friendship with her.

So the story goes around last year. It was a month of June when Roshni was having her birthday, Roshni was having very few friends. I was her very good friend so I decided to celebrate her birthday. I informed about my plan to Roshni. So the day came, She was wearing t-shirt and jeans and was looking like OMG! then we headed towards McDonalds, Kharghar and there we celebrated Roshni’s birthday and after celebrating her birthday Roshni and I went to my home when no one was there at my home. I was alone with an outsider girl first time in my home. She was my friend but I was having a wish to fuck from so many days, I often used to masturbate by imaging her. and somewhere I was thinking that please this wish shall be fulfilled today because it was a good chance as we were alone at home.

We entered my home and I offered Roshni a glass of water. Then we began to talk about different topics and in the mean time our topic shifted to Sex and we both started to discuss it. Suddenly I don’t know what I felt but because of sex talks with a girl, my dick started to erect and Roshni observed it from my jeans and she gave me a naughty smile and I thought she also wants the same thing. And then I kissed her on her lips to which she first resisted but then she also started responding with her juicy soft lips. After kissing for 10 mins I moved to her boobs and started pressing them and she was getting more hornier and then I removed her T shirt and jeans and could see very clearly the lust in her eyes to be fucked.

Now she was in white bra and pink panty in front of me. What a scene it was a sexy girl being semi nude in front of me Very quickly I made myself nude and to her also and it was a wonderful sight of seeing her pinkish clean shaved pussy and I directly started to suck her boobs and fingering her pussy to which she responded with a loud moan,her boobs were very soft with hard nipples and she was pressing face to her boobs and at same time she was kissing me passionately, to my luck I found her G-Spot after much more fingering. She moaning and saying finger it hard deeper and harder to which I responded. Some sort of white juices started to flow from her pussy she started to stroke my dick and took my dick in her mouth, it was a heavenly experience for me and I was on cloud 9. I guess she was an expert in blowjob.

She started to lick my dick and play with my balls and I was loving it. Suddenly she asked me about my sexual fantasy so replied that my fantasy is fuck a girl in doggy style to which she smiled. and i asked her whats her sexual fantasy to which replied that she wants a boy to lick her pussy and she said me to fulfill her fantasy, however, I first felt very awkward and I hesitated to do it but after some time she made me do it and I moved my head towards her pussy and it was smelling like a talcum powder and then I touched her pussy with my tongue and started to lick it and Roshni was going crazy she was rolling in bed and she was pressing my face against her pussy and then I made her give me blowjob and she was sucking my dick like professional. my whole 6-inch cock was in the mouth. oh, what a feeling it was and then I released my cum in mouth.

After the blowjob, I took her in missionary position and started to rub my dick on her pussy and started teasing her to which she replied: “come on yaar please fuck me I am begging you please fuck me hard rohit”. These words made me go like a wild animal and I inserted my dick in her pussy, it was tight, but finally after more 2 strokes my whole dick was in her pussy. Her loud moans made me gone mad and i was fucking her harder and wildly. Then she asked me can i ride you?

To which i replied sure and then she came on top of me and inserted my dick in her pussy and slowly slowly started to move front and back and i was loving it like hell and slowly slowly she increased her speed and after that we had rest for 30 mins, Then she said me go on and fulfill your fantasy and took her I doggy style position and fucked her and that time I left all my juices in her pussy.That day we fucked more 3 times. and she told me it was the best birthday gift she has received. After that day we have fucked many times. But unfortunately now she shifted to US with her family, but sometimes we do have a sex/video chat.

So this was my experience and my first Indian Sex Story. Hope you will enjoy it.

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