Fucked my daughters friend before her parents got home

My daughters friend had been hitting on me for a while and I asked my daughter if she had told her what we’ve been doing and she said yeah but not everything. I asked her if she didn’t mind me getting with her once and she was all for it so I started talking to her friend and we planned to meet up when her parents were still at work.
She sent me the text when she was at her house and I went over. She opened the door in a tight bikini and took me to her room I sat on her bed and we made out then she started sucking me off. She wasn’t to good so I just grabbed her head fucked her mouth slowly, she gagged so easily it was really cute haha.
I had her get up and give a lap dance with my dick out I slid my dick in slowly and let her feel my dick stretch that good pussy. Her ass felt so soft as she sat on my dick she rocked her hips back and forth while I was balls deep and I grabbed her hips then started making her bounce on my dick. Every stroke felt fucken amazing I sat up with her and fucked her standing up and let her ass clap.
I picked her up and took her to her parents room and put her in missionary with her legs on me. It felt good pounding her in her own parents bed she was loving it too. I pounded her hard and had to cum I asked her where she wanted it and asked for a facial and I busted all over her. It was a pretty big load because of how turned on I was.

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