Fucked my boy best friends grandpa

I (22) was at my boy best friends (24) place. He needed to go to the supermarket to buy some things for our movie night. After 5 minuets the doorbell ringed and I thought it was him. I opened the door and saw an old man. He said that he is the grandpa from my boy best friend and I let him in.

We sat on the couch and looked in our eyes. He said that I looked beautiful. I was blushed. I said that I needed to go to the toilet stand up and locked myself in the bathroom. I couldn’t control myself and started fingering myself but then I heard something walking in the floor. I stand up and opened the bathroom door. And to my surprise there was the grandpa with his cock in his hands.

He said that he was really sorry and he wanted to putt his cock back inside his pants but I stopped him. I never experienced an old cock before so I thought a little bit of fun wouldn’t be bad. I grabbed him and we went in my best friends bedroom and grabbed a condom. I pulled down my pants and he started to fuck me from behind.

He was really good and satisfied me pretty well. His old cock felt amazing between my young cheeks. His cock was pretty hairy and it tickled my pussy. It clapped really loud. I was moaning like crazy. It took him quite awhile to come close to come. He pushed his cock deep in my pussy and came in the condom. I pulled of the condom and and slurped all his cum out of the condom.

He said that he could give me his cum fresh directly in my mouth. I got on my knees and started to suck his cock. He pushed it deep inside my throat. He rubbed his cock through my face. He said that he was close and where he should unload. Without talking I putted his dick back in my mouth and he came again very much.

After that I needed to pee. He said that he wanted to drink all the piss from me. I laid down on the ground and he sucked with his mouth on my pussy lightly I peed inside his mouth. He drank everything.

Suddenly the doorbell ringed and we quickly dressed us up. It was my boy best friend with the snacks for the movie night he was wondering why his grandpa was there. He said that he wanted to visit him and that the young lady (me) opened the door. My best friend didn’t even asked what we were doing because he knew how I am.

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