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Fucked My Beautiful Maid

Hi, pornsexstory dot com friends,
I am writing my first sex experience that was encountered with my lovely maid. If any errors kindly provide me the feedback.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Rahul (name changed) having an athletic body and a height of 5ft 10inch. My skin colour is average and is having a 6.5 inch long cock. I am currently living in Ahmedabad so any unsatisfied aunty or girl can get in contact with me, email me [email protected]

This incident happened when I was looking for admission to universities after completing 12th. One fine morning doorbell rang and when I went to open the door. I saw 20-21-year-old lady wearing a dress showing off her cleavage. After seeing her my dick stood up as if it was gonna tear up my pants. Her name was Asha (name changed). She is 5ft 4inch tall, fair, fit and average size of boobs. She has the most pinkish and juicy lips in the world. My mom talked to her and told me that she is our new maid.

From the starting, I had a feeling for her and wanted to fuck her to the hell. Every day I see her cleavage, waist, and lips and used to masturbate thinking of her. I even tried to seduce her but was afraid of having mom at home. Days past and I became friendly with her making her laugh and talking about her life when nobody is home.

One lucky day, my mom told me that she and dad are going out of station for 2 or 3 days. After listening to this my horny devil woke up and started thinking about how to fuck asha and make my dream come true. I then came up with an idea of watching some seductive porns and get an idea of seducing her to the bed. I then started watching porn which resulted in growing my dick to its maximum size. Then the suddenly door bell rang, I was happy seeing asha in a new dress and wet hair. She then started doing her chores as usuals.

I was sitting on the sofa with laptop. I started watching a regular movie as she was noticing what was I doing. As she came near to me, I collected all my courage and asked her.
Me: do you want to see a movie?
Asha: yes but I have my chores to complete otherwise I will get scolded by your mom if I do not complete it.
Me: don’t worry she is not coming home till 2 days.
After hearing this she had a smile on her face and joined me on the sofa to watch a movie.
Me: what type of movie do you want to watch?
Asha: let me see either comedy or otherwise you suggest.
Me: ok let see comedy but do you want to see adult comedy or romance?
After hearing romance she looking at me with a questioned face and I was worried about her reaction then she smiled and said ok let see romance.

Then I started the movie hate story 3 which is a thriller but have romantic scenes as well. My laptop’s speaker was not working properly so I connected earphones and we started to watch movie sharing one earphone. She came closer to me and I was horny. Instead of watching a movie I was watching her boobs which was touching my hand. She noticed two or three times but ignored. At a romantic scene, I tried to touch her hand. My hand was on her hand and she wasn’t telling anything. I took one step ahead and started massaging her whole hand and thigh. She was also enjoying it. I was easily able to hear her breathing and heartbeats. She looked at me and I gave a kiss on her cheeks which were a bit salty due to sweat. Then I kissed her on lips and continued till 10 mins. We were over each other for almost half an hour kissing each other on neck, lips and almost everywhere. She was also now horny and was kissing me fast and we were fighting with our tongues in each other’s mouths.

I took off her dress and she was in her purple bra and undies. I saw that she was all wet. I unhooked her bra and started sucking her pink nipple on one boob and pressing another with my hand. She was moaning ahhh.Ahhhh………… And I started sucking faster. I felt like as if was in heaven. I sucked her boobs for 15 mins and then she took off my t-shirt and came all over me and started kissing my broad chest and abs. She told me that she loved my chest and had a crush on me from the starting. She released my cock which was eager to go out. She took my whole 6.5-inch cock and 3 inches wide in her mouth. She started blowjob and I was feeling great. It was my first blowjob. She started sucking faster and I told I was gonna cum and loaded my sperms into her mouth and he swallowed it whole. She said that she loved the taste of the cum. I then started fingering her pussy and we were in 69 position.

I then put my long cock into her pussy and she moaned as it was her first time and mine also. We fucked in almost every position for the whole day. We took bath together and few naked games and enjoyed my luckiest day of my life. She also enjoyed a lot and told me she loved me and my cock and wished if we can do this when nobody is home. We then kissed and she left at 8 in the night. I was thinking about her all night and next day we fucked all day and enjoyed the whole day by sleeping naked and doing many more activities. We then fucked almost once a week when mom was not home. After one year our streak was broken as she got married to an ugly guy. So this was the end of my first sex experience.

Sorry if I had made any mistake in my story and guys please give me feedbacks and mail me by [email protected]

Thank you.

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