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Someone shook me and woke me up. I opened my smudgy eyes but everything was blurred. I rubbed my eyes with my hands and say mom sitting close to me. Before I could open my mouth to ask any question she pressed her finger on my mouth and shushed me.
I sat upright and looked around, everyone was deep asleep and it was dark outside the window. All I could see was mom’s face in the dim light of the night bulb. She stood up and signaled me to follow her quietly.

Carefully not to make any sound and wake someone up we both left the room and closed the door behind us. Mom was walking in front and was in charge today. She was wearing an uneasy expression on her face and was in quiet hurry. I still didn’t ask her any questions and followed her quietly. We entered another room and mom switched on the light and fans. She turned around and looked at me but said nothing.

I knew why we were here, I knew why she woke me up and brought me at this hour of the night but this was not how we did it. We always played it safe. We made sure nobody would suspect us. But this was very dangerous and there were high chances we would be caught.

“Mein so nahi paa rahi hun. Bohot nasha chadaha hua hai,” she finally spoke and I was right about what was happening.
“Par abhi! Koi uth gaya to?”

“Dekh ab aur bardasht nahi ho raha. Andar se mano jee katne ko daud raha hai. Ab aur mat intezaar ar wa. Jaldi se kar lenege,” she said desperately.

I could not resist since she was pleading and wanted it so desperately. She had never done something of this sort and it was exciting to see something like this come from her. I agreed on it. I asked her to bend instead of doing it lying on the floor.

Mom turned around and bent forward. She lifted her pink floral printed maxi above her waist and tied a knot so it won’t slide down. She placed her hands on the wall for support. I removed my pajamas and out bobbed my cock. She looked back to see and a smile lit on her face. I touched down to feel her cunt and it was already wet so I don’t have to waste any time on the foreplay.

My cock soon turned rock hard and gained its full size. We both were ready and excited for a quick fuck session. She was still looking back at me with that smile on her lips and hunger in her eyes. I placed the head of my erected 8 inches cock on her shaven wet pussy and caught her by her waist. With a push the head of my thick ling cock entered her soft warm cunt. She moaned softly “ummm” and closed her eyes. With another thrust half of my cock was inside her wet pussy and slowly I started fucking her.

Her eyes were still closed and her lips pressed so she won’t make any noise and wake someone up. My hands were caressing her soft ass and pressuring her big boobs. She wasn’t wearing any bra and her breasts were soft and her nipples hard. Slowly with every thrust my cock would go deeper inside her. Soon the whole of it was inside her and I was no more very gentle on her.

I caught her by her waist more firmly with one hand and other was pressing her boobs and slapping her ass. She was still looking behind at me and smiling. I could see pain of her face as I fucked her and slapped her; she tried hard not to make any noise but would occasionally moan with pleasure. I was fucking her warm pussy in good speed while she bent pursing her lips and feeling my thick long cock fuck her cunt. She was waiting for it for so long. Lying on her bed she was imagining my cock fuck her like this. She wanted me so hard inside her. “ummm aah umm” she moaned.

I reached my top speed and was fucking her like an animal, just like she wanted it. Mom was enjoying it. But I was afraid if we woke someone up. Though the door was closed and we were trying to be as quite as possible, the sound of slapping of skins and mother’s moans echoed in the room. “I have to make it quick. I have to make her cum soon. This can’t go on for long or someone will see us,” I thought.

I grabbed her arm and pulled my cock out. She thought it was over and sat on her knees with her tongue sticking out waiting for my hot cum to be smeared over her face. But she wasn’t content; I could see the disappointed look on her face. She wasn’t giggling like she always did when she waited for my cum to be smeared all over her face. I pulled her up and turned her around. Her face lit up again and brighter than ever with a smile wider than before. She knew she was about to be fucked real hard. It was about to get more rough.
She was on quadruped on the floor. I was kneeling behind her with the head of my cock on her cunt which was dipped in her pussy juice. I shoved the whole cock at once inside her, grabbed her boobs with both my hands and started fucking real hard with all the energy I had. She pressed her lips together and closed her eyes. The sound of fucking echoed the whole room. She moaned louder before but I was sure there was no other way to end it any sooner and I had to take the risk.

For some reason it was more fun to fuck her like this – with the fear of getting caught, with the fear of being seen. It was more fun to fuck her like this than to fuck her when no one was home and we were both alone. I fucked her in almost all the rooms, in the bathroom and the kitchen. We fucked in a rented apartment once but this was the best. The risk added an edge to it and increased the pleasure. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling it as well but she was having a really good time as I could see on her face and hear her moans.

I slapped her harder and fucked her with all the energy I had. We both reached climax. “Andar hi gira de. Mu par nahi. Andar hi maal chod de apna,” she said. She wanted the hot cum inside her wet pussy. Our body contracted and with two strokes I ejaculated thick cum inside her pussy and our body relaxed at the same time. She fell her face down on the floor with her ass still in air and my cock sticking inside her pussy. I had no energy to go any further or even pull my cock out of her. I was lying upon her back. I was very sleepy and could sleep on her. We lay there for a while. She was enjoying my cock rub the walls of her cunt even after we were done.

She shook me and got up. My cock slide out of her cunt and was no more hard. It was covered in her pussy juices and shrunk to 5 inches hanging as if there was no life in it anymore. Her pussy was dripping my cum. She ran inside the toilet and I pulled up my pajama headed back to my bed and went to a deep sleep.

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