Fucked Khala- My aunt -5 by aamir Hyderabad

in last part you read

“We both got up and went to the washroom and washed our limbs. I put cream on her pussy. Then when we came back to bed, Khala said – there is still pain in the pussy!

I said – let me see.

I kissed on the pussy and started licking it, then she said – Ahhhh… getting rest, feeling great, please lick and lick!

I licked and sucked her for ten minutes and then she came. I kissed her and we both clung to each other and slept..”

Now Further

Next morning at five o’clock my eyes opened I found Noori Khala was sleeping in my arms . She looked very cute and innocent while sleeping on my chest., my sobriety broke when she saw her. Seeing her sleeping , I felt deep love for her and slowly I kissed her fair-skinned. She awakened with my touch and spoke with great affection – I had an fallen asleep.

I asked Khala – how are you feeling now?


I lovingly kissed her pink lips and asked – didn’t you like it?

She spoke softly – I liked it… I also had a lot of fun… But there was a lot of pain .

When I crushed her nipple, she kissed my lips while moaning – do it slowly easy… my king, I am completely yours.

When I pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples again, she said – You have fucked me very brutally last night , does anyone do it so ruthlessly to her love, see how my pussy has swollen.

Khala held my hand and put it on her pussy. she was not even wearing panties and was in her birth suit.. Infact, her pussy was swollen. I lovingly caressed her pussy with my hand .she moaned oohhh aaah … Then I started kissing her lips and she also started supporting me. I put my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking my tongue. I sucked her tongue too. When my tongue met her tongue, her body began to tremble and her pussy started to leak as my hands started to feel the wetness in her pussy. I moved and kissed her pussy and after that I started pressing her hot boobs my hands. After a moment I felt her nipple started to harden.

When I pulled her nipple with my fingers, she started groaning – Aaaaaaaaaahaha Aamir, My Love , please do it slowly it am feeling pain when you pinch .. please do it gently.

I kissed the nipple and then kissed her lips, fearing that she might refuse I grabbed her and started kissing her juicy lips,

To which she responded in a very sensual and intoxicating manner. She said sleepily- Aamir, do not spoil my habit, you will leave in a few days and then I will be suffering and missing you. I may not get your company again.

I said – Khala, do not worry about it, despite being older than me, you are the most beautiful charming and sensous woman I had ever loved . You are a fantastic woman. Anyone will be mad at seeing you, just like I am. You do not know what my condition is. My mind becomes uncontrollable on seeing you. You are the Mallika ( Queen) of my heart. Even I cannot stay away from you for long. I want to make love to you again and again and again .. Which lady does not like the praise of her charms.. she smiled then blushed and kissed me.

Khala’s firm round chest and her cheeks coupled with her intoxicating eyes were intoxicating me. I told her – the texture of your lips is such that, if someone starts sucking her juice once, will not take the name of stopping.

Noori Khala- My king, first fuck me, then do whatever you want… but do it gently so that there is no pain.

I climbed on her and started kissing her with disdain. Our mouths were open while kissing… due to which the tongue of both of us was colliding with each other… and the taste of each other was dissolving in our mouth. I kept kissing her for at least 15 minutes. Along with my hands were engaged in playing were her nipples and breast, she was also responding postively.

I started ruthlessly rubbing her cunts and she was maoning Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Jah… oh intoxicating sounds -were echoing throughout the room, then I started sucking her nipples . Her breasts had become full hard and the nipples erect asking me to suck them harder.

I nibbled the nipples with teeth and she groaned – ah ah uh slowly suck my king gently with love… all are yours.

Khala’s milky white boobs started to turn crimson red. After thet I came down and I kissed her navel with lips… then put my tongue in her navel. The soft touch of the tongue made the Khala shiver and she pressed my head on her stomach.

Khala’s stomach was flat no sign of fat or bulge . The waist was thin and delicate. I licked every part of her naval area. Now I started turning my hand on her pussy. As soon as my sexy touched her pussy, she shivered like getting an mild electric shock, she caught me tightly and clung to me. Her blonde body had become ruddy red. Her pussy was getting wet.

I asked – how is the pussy now?

raising her ass, he said- You see for yourself… It is craving for your cock.

When I kissed her pussy, the scent of pussy made me intoxicated. I started licking her pussy. What a wonderful taste in her pussy juice.

Khala said- Ah… It feels very good… I am really getting a lot of rest.

My tongue cracked in the crack of her pussy as she shouted loudly – Aaahhh… Ommmmm… Lick it hard… Iss… uhhh…

She started twitching and twisting her ass here and there.

Now she was moaning loudly ‘Ahhh … Ahhhh … Ahhhhh …’. By seeing her doing that and hearing her loud moans , I felt a sensation in my cock too. Then I put my cock in her hand. By the touch of her soft hand In a few moments my cock was 90 degrees full erect . Khala grabbed my cock and started caressing it.

I put one finger in her pussy, then he shouted loudly – Ahhh, now just put your cock in there … there is no more waiting… please hurry no… please Ahhhh.

When I put my finger in her pussy, she started pushing my cock back and forth loudly and started moaning . Her pussy was swollen like a double bread. I started fucking her with finger.

She said – what have you done… Now I caanot bear it any more … My pussy is on fire. Fuck me please quickly Khala was panting loudly and it seemed… as if she had run from many miles.

Sounds like ‘Ahh… emm… oh… aaaa… pour na in…’ were coming out of her mouths. Now I put a pillow under her ass and spread both her legs. Then put my cock in her pussy. As soon as the lump of my cocks went into her pussy… again she started screaming – Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… it is very fat… No leave me… No I will die… Ahh… Take out your cock.

But I gave a big thust, ignoring her shouts. So she screamed out loud.

Then I kissed her lips and closed her mouth and started banging my cock into her moving it back and forth.. She was engaged in moving her body from here to there. But I did not relent and kept on moving my hips. Tears were coming out of her eyes. Then I again made a big push. In that one big shot my whole cock went inside her pussy. Her suppressed sigh came out. oh aaah..

After getting my full cock into her I stayed on her for some time. After some time, as soon as she calmed down, I started sucking her boobs. With one hand, I started caressing her hair and ears. Then after some time I started kissing her ears too. Now after a few moments she became normal and her waist rocked and gestured to my cock to start moving..

I started banging slowly… So at first she moaned , but then after some time she started to response in rhythem of my cock movements..

I asked- Khala, having fun?

She said softly- Yes, I am having a lot of fun… The treatment of my pussy is just your fuck… Hiye… Mmmmm!

When I accelerated, she started moaning loudly. Then after some time I increased my speed. Now the pain was over and she was in complete fun… she was in fun- Aaah Aaeeeeeeee…asking me to it harder and do it harder … I am having a lot of fun.

At ther time, she had become so much fun that she could not even speak the whole word. I was slowly increasing my speed.

“Haaaa” aaahh … And she was groaning with my each shot .

Then after some time I realized that my cock is getting wet . Now she too was about to release her cum. She was shouting and lifting her waist from below and was mumbling – Ahhhhh and fuck , do not leave my pussy… fuck it fuck it harder..harder harder.

I started lifting the waist and giving me long long shots.

sooner she said – Hi my king… I am going to cum.

I increased my speed by catching her ass, her body shook and then she came.

Then she could not even scream, because her mouth was pressed with my mouth and I kissed her passionately and kept pushing into her.

For five minutes I went to fuck her in that position. she started having fun again. responded by bouncing her hips. I started fucking her more vigorously. Then after a while she again collapsed and fell silent. I kept kissing her and caressing her boobs

Then I said – Lets change the position this time you come up.

She nodded, I pulled back and khala came on top of me. Slowly pressing her pussy on my tanned cock. Her Pussy engulfed my cocks Friends, for the first time I was watching her pussy skin rubbing on the skin of my cock and I can not tell you how much I was enjoying at that time. She would get up slowly on my cock and then sit down, due to which the cock was getting out and inside her pussy. She was fucking me. She Controlling the movements and was having a lot of fun. To be honest, I was feeling very intoxicated while she was jumping on my cock. Her silky golden hair spread all around. Khala placed her hands on my chest while moving on my cock.

I also lifted my bum and supported her movements . When my cock was completely covered in her pussy, then both of us used to sigh. Then my hands began to crush her moving breasts. When our bodies met, Khala used to tremble and moan.

After that Khala leaned over me and we started kissing In that way khala fucked me fiercely and we were both in pleasure of heaven. After a while due to the constant strokes of my cock, Khala again squirted and came and collapsed on me.

After that, we again changed the position and tried Doggy .I was on her all fours. Now I started fucking her by putting cocks in her pussy. I felt that the cock went deep inside her in this position and enjoyed it more than before.

Khala also started moving her ass with me in fun. Her screaming in pain stopped completely. I kept banging her continuously. I kept pressing her breasts from behind in between. When I used to press her boobs, she used to ask me to kiss her and I would suck her lips. I continuously fucked her in the same position for ten minutes, She came many times.

Khala smiled and lay down. I started caressing her with love and started kissing. I said – Khala, did you enjoy it… Was it painful?

Khala said – Enjoyed a lot… The treatment of my sore pussy is fucking by your cock.

Khala’s pussy was badly swollen .. But my cock was still erect

Khala said while stroking the cocks- what is the matter today… why you are not coming?

I said – today it will not stop without fucking your ass.

Khala hugged me and said – Aamir, today evening the whole family and your cousin Sarah will be here and you will get married to Sarah. Then you also give her the full pleasure of love as you have done with me …. Poor little girl is yearning for sex. Today you have to fuck her all night.

You can have my Ass any time . And if my ass also becomes sore like my pussy It will be very difficult for me to make all arrangements for your wedding to Sarah. Now fuck my pussy and take some rest.

I said – whatever You Command my Mumtaz Malika.

I started kissing Khala with renewd vigour. Our mouths were open while kissing, due to which both our tongues were colliding. Then I fucked Khala fiercely and made her visit Jannat. Then after a while she again collapsed. Khala was getting tired after cumming many times. I kept on banging on her pussy, then Khala used to get hot again. Soon we both collapsed together. We were both in heaven… so much fun. Just don’t ask, man it’s fun.

After that we both took a bath together. Many blue marks were found on Khala’s body. Then while caressing her with love and kissing her on her lips, I said – I love you Khala… I am blessed by geeting a chance to fuck you.

Khala looked very cute while sobbing, but was also angry with me. she said- Go, I will never fuck you now… You are so ruthless Tears came from her eyes, but I could clearly see the satisfaction on her face. but soon she kissed me and said I love you aamir.. I enjoyed it immensely with you and I look forward to enter into a combat again with you..

After that , in the next part, I am going to tell you the story of tremendous fucking of my Cousin Sarah.. Waiting for your comments .

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