Fucked her aggressively while maid was around

My first post like this
Please ignore my grammatical mistakes*

So it was some months ago my parents were not home so i called my girlfriend home
We were kissing
And suddenly our maid knocked the door
Me and my girlfriend suddenly stopped and got dressed I opened the door and the maid started doing her work I was feeling soooooo horny that time me and my girlfriend were sitting on the sofa
My maid was cleaning the stairs
Like just 2m distance from us
I suddenly stood up and told my girlfriend to suck my dick
She said no the maid is near us
I said shut up just do it
She was hesitating but I held her head with one hand and pulled her closer to my dick to suck
I let her suck for a couple of minutes and said stop and pulled her legs and laid her on the sofa (like missionary) she said what? wait no!!
I didn’t say anything
And pulled her pants and mine too
Then started trying to put my dick inside her but was unable to cause I can’t see down there
So she held my dick and pointed the tip to her hole and said now push it inside
I then pushed it inside her without a condom
She gasped very hard
She was very tight
It felt amazing like streching every cm of her pussy
Then I hugged her and kept fucking her for minutes
Her pussy was squeezing my dick very hard
And made me cum in like 3 minutes
I was so close to cum inside her
But saved it and came on her boobs she was trying to get some drops like a dog
And the maid didn’t notice us and went upstairs
That’s it!!!

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