Fucked by my therapist [F19]

Ok, to start off, l’m 19 years old. This happened three months ago. My therapist was 25. We both knew each other was bisexual. He was pretty damn hot. Blue eyes, curly blond hair, tall, muscular.
One day we had a 3 hour therapy session, at his house. We did our usual chitchat, talking about random shit, when in the middle of my sentence he leaned in forced me to kiss him. I was in shock for a moment before I started to struggle, but he was too strong. He let me go finally. “What the hell was that” I stopped in the middle of my sentence because he took off his shirt. He had a six pack and was hairy, and had hairy armpits. Now, I’m really into hairy guys (girls too!) so I let him grab me and kiss me again. I kissed him back while sitting in his lap. He kept spitting in my mouth and eventually out kissing was super sloppy. I started sucking on his nipples while he rubbed my ass. Then he told me to lick his armpits. I did. I could tell that he hadn’t put on deodorant but I liked it. The musky smell was super erotic. I loved how sweaty they were. He took off his jeans and underwear and pushed my head to his hairy dick. I stroked it while admiring how huge it was. At least 10 inches, and it was thick too. I kissed the head before gently sucking on it, letting my spit drip from my mouth. I’m not very experienced, but I think he liked it because he pushed my head down farther and forced me to deepthroat. This went on for about 10 minutes before he let me free. He told me he wanted me to lick his ass. He bent over his bedside and I got on my knees. It was hairy, and his ass cheeks were warm and jiggly. I was in love. The hole itself was slightly brown, and the whole crack was sweaty. I didn’t care. I pressed my face in between his ass cheeks and licked up and down. I kept eating his ass. His hand came around and pressed me against it so I couldn’t get up. Fine by me. I could feel his opening, so I pushed my tongue farther in. He finally got up and bent me over, and he did the same to my ass. It felt so good. I was moaning so loudly. Then he stuck his 10 inches in me. It hurt and i screamed. And moaned. His dick had some brown streaks on it, and he made me clean it, before cumming in my throat. He pissed in my mouth too. We made out for a long time after that, before I left. I haven’t seen him since.

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