from penpals to our first hookup (mf)

You invite me over, you leave the door unlocked and I enter and you are in your underwear on the bed with your head buried in the pillow. I take my clothes off and bring your hands together behind your back, I hold your hands pulling them back and lift your hips before pulling your underwear to the side and sliding my long cock inside your wetness.

We haven’t spoken a word and you haven’t seen me yet but you can feel the fullness inside you.

I arch my back and thrust deeply and then stop as you slide your body back and forth controlled by my hands on your hips now.

I push you forward and slip out, you let out a gasp as suddenly you’re empty. I flip you over and you see for the first time all of me towering over you. I’m 6’4 and handsome, instantly your nipples begin hardening through your bra as you see my hard cock standing between us, I angle it down and rub it against your clit while leaning forward and kissing your mouth deeply and biting your bottom lip.

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