Fresher Gaining Experience

I am a computer science fresh graduate who joined a large multinational company. I was allotted to a team which was led by a charming young lady (elder to me by 3-4 years) who is the heroine of the story.

About her, she is 5’6, has a great smile (cheeks with dimples). She had sharp eyes which could kill anyone. She has athletic body (smaller tits but amazing tight ass). I am skinny, tall at 5’11 and fairly athletic and quite shy (not a player).

We started working together and she was trying to help me and get me up to speed with project work. We started spending more time with each other due to work which led to friendship.

As the friendship grew, we started to commute to the office together. I had a two wheeler (pulsar 180 CC) in which I used to pick her up and drop her. We started to chat late nights on Whatsapp. The Whatsapp sessions brought us even closer and things started to get more and more personal.

One Friday night, I was in mood to watch some XXX movies. I started the movie and was lost in sensual scenes while my colleague texted me on Whatsapp.

Her: Hi.
Me: Hi..

Her: What are you doing?
Me (a bit irritated): What do you think a single guy would be doing on a Friday night alone?

Her: Booze?
Me: Yes. But that’s not all.

Her: Porn? ?
Me: No comments.

Her: I thought you were quite innocent.
Me: I am but somebody disagrees.

Her: Who?
Me: Someone down here.

Her: Ohhhh! You are not thinking with your brain, I will catch you on Monday.
Me: Alright!!

Next Monday, I picked up my colleague from her PG as usual but I noticed that she was not being her usual self. It seemed there was a sense of awkwardness between us. I felt bad about Friday’s chat thinking I might have ruined a good friendship by crossing the line.

We parked the bike and we got into the lift. I was standing behind my heroine while people started getting into the lift. I was against the lift wall and she was being pushed back. Her tight ass in her tight jeans started to press against my junior. There was absolutely no way for me to move and she did not move either. In fact, she started to push herself further to me.

I was confused and started to look around if someone was noticing but almost all of them were too busy to care. Even when the lift stopped at different floors and people moved out, my colleague did not move. She pushed herself once or twice back even harder.

By now, my dick was very hard and there was a tent formed against my formal pants. I had to keep my laptop bag in front of me while getting out of the lift. I headed straight to the restroom and locked it and jacked off! I was so excited that I came quite quickly. She acted as if nothing happened the whole day and I was unsure how to react.

Later that night on Whatsapp –

Her: Hi.
Me: Hey.
Her: Why did you not speak to me today in the office?

Me (thinking if she was really innocent or making a move): I don’t know, I thought there was awkwardness developed between you and me after last week’s chat and what happened today morning in the lift.

Her: What happened in the lift today? (with all sorts of smileys)
Me: As if you don’t know.

Her : I don’t know. You tell me.

Me (I had enough of this game): Well, your ass pressed up against my dick in the lift. I had a huge hard on. I had to relieve myself in the office bathroom.

She did not reply for a few minutes. I thought I should not have been that direct. But I was too naive to play the game.

After a few minutes..

Her: I am sorry if that caused any discomfort. I thought you would enjoy it. I had been noticing you staring at my ass all the time. I know why you always walk behind me

Me (feeling caught): Oh well..

Her: What well…

Me: Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed what happened in the lift. I don’t know how I controlled myself from grabbing your waist pulling your closer.

Her: And then… What would have you done?

Me: I would have grabbed your waist, pulled you closer. Rubbing my dick up your tight ass, I would have kissed your neck and bite your shoulders.

Her: Someone is watching too much porn these days.

Me: All because of you. Your sexy smile, lusty lips and smack-able ass makes me go wild. I can only calm myself down after jacking off to some porn daily.

Her: I did not know I had such an effect on you.
Me: Did you not feel the effect in the lift?

Her: I did. But the jeans pant spoiled the fun. Could not feel your dick as much as I would have liked!
Me: Why don’t you wear something that allows easy access to your ass.

Her: Someone is getting greedy.
Me: Now that the lion has touched its meat, it wants to devour it.

Her: Oh, lion?? Haha, what would the lion do to my poor little ass?
Me: It will tear down the pant and grab the tight ass. Make you bend over and spank your ass.

Her: Ummm… I like the alpha lion in you, it is turning me on, babe.

Me: And I am sitting here pants down, taking my junior out and playing with it.
Her: I felt him today morning, I wanna feel more of him. I wanna see him.

Me: Why don’t you see it tomorrow?
Her: You mean, you are not going to show me now?

Me: I can take a pic and send but I don’t want you to see my junior for the first time in a photo. I want you to feel it and see it yourself in person.
Her: You are being cruel to me. You can’t make me aroused and leave me high and dry.

Me: You did the same to me in the morning. You know I had to shag 4 times today.
Her: Ummm.. Sorry hun, I thought I was giving you something real to jerk off instead of porn.

Me: Yes, you did. I am jerking off to your tight ass ever since. I don’t need porn anymore. I close my eyes and I see your ass lining up my dick.
Her: Ummmmaaaaaaa..

Me: See ya tomorrow… I have to get off again now.
Her: Have fun, babe.

The next morning, I wore a loose-fitting formals and went to pick her up. Not so surprisingly, she was dressed in a loose-fitting chudidhar. She sat on my bike and we started riding.

Now that the ice was broken, I kept my laptop bag in front of the bike and she moved closer to me and held me by my waist. With every hump, she moved and sat closer to me, holding me tighter by my belly and waist. She started pushing her breasts on my back and leaning on my shoulder.

She bit my shoulders and said, “Is this how you were gonna bite me yesterday in the lift?”

I could not say much. She started running her hands on my belly and thighs. She inserted her hands inside my shirt and started tickling. Next, she was rubbing my thighs and running her fingers along the line of my thighs. My dick started getting aroused and was erect soon, making a tent in my formal pants.

My naughty colleague then ran her hands around the base of my dick. My laptop bag fully covered her mischievous activities. She kept her head on my shoulders and cupped my tent in her palms. I had masturbated a lot till now but the feel of a hot woman holding my dick was so much more pleasurable than jerking yourself off.

She continued to cup my tent with her palms and she gleefully measured the length of my dick. She said, “The lion seems to be all grownup and roaring and he is not fitting into the cage of my little palms”.

She played with her fingers near the base of my dick. She could not grip it properly so she slowly started to run her palms along my dick, slowly starting to jack me off. I was already driving slowly due to the traffic. I started moving ever so slowly and she started to increase her pace on my dick.

At some point, I wanted to stop the bike and start fucking my horny colleague girl on the road itself.

The act of doing something raunchy in public had turned me on so much that I did not care to bother how she felt about it. All I noticed was she kept looking around, making adjustments to my laptop bag and her purse to block the view for others and carry on jerking slowly.

I was starting to build up in my balls and they were getting ready to explode. She slowly got into a rhythm which neither allowed me to cum nor allowed my dick to go back limp.

Once the office was nearing, she started to jerk me off faster. I slowed the bike and started driving close to the pavement. She made faster movements now and I started to unload. I just applied breaks and closed my eyes and stood still near the pavement. I exploded in my pants.

I was confused what to do next. I looked in the mirror and she had naughty smile on her lips. I dropped her near the gate and went to park the bike. I had to hide my pants with the laptop bag again and rush to toilet to clean up. I spent quite a bit of time in toilet till my pants dried up from the outside.


That’s the end of part 1. There are more parts to the story. Please provide your feedback to [email protected]

I will write further parts if there is enough interest.


Next Part: Fresher Gaining Experience – Part 2

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