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Forced Aunt

To all pornsexstory readers and especially incest readers, this is my true life story and I want to thank this website for introducing me about the great feeling of having an incest relationship and that too with my own aunt.

The incident happened just a week ago. My name is Sunil and could say the youngest boy who gets entangled in the incest web at the age of 16. There might be even younger boys than me but as far as I know, mine is a 100% true story. My first encounter happened with my aunt who is my dad’s sister. Her name is Jayanthi and she has a son Mohan who happens to be 1 year younger than me. Jayanthi aunty is a gorgeous voluptuous aunt anyone would pray to have as she has a face of an angel, ass like that of Sneha’s and breast as big as Namitha’s. She is one of the greatest looking females second to my mom who at the age of 43 looks so sexy.

Jeyanthi aunty hates me a lot because there was once a fight happened between her husband and my dad and during that fight I was so angry that I shouted bad words at Mohan. Even now Uncle Mann and my dad are friends but she still hated me for those crude words I told to her son. But fate cannot be changed as I got my chance with her on one fateful day which is 2 days before deepavali. I always used to masturbate whenever she is working at the house. When she bends, I could clearly see her cleavage and I would run to the toilet to ease myself. So now back to the story, as 2 days before deepavali lurching near, the mans of the house were in for a treat as they drank a lot and knocked off on the table. I came out to see their situation and my luck was great as aunt Jeyanthi too came out to see what had happened to those great drinkers. The rest of the ladies in the house were sleeping. So me and her had to help each other to carry the old mans into the house and on their bed. We carried everybody and finally it was uncle Mann’s turn and so I and aunt Jeyanthi carried Uncle Mann. As we entered their room, I realized that Mohan is still not back from his friend’s house and so out of curiosity I asked aunt where is Mohan and after more then a year she finally talked to me and that too in a stern voice “He said he wanted to stay over at his friend’s house and won’t come back home. While we were placing uncle on to the bed, Jeyanthi’s pallu fell off and gave me a clear view of her cleavage and that too in a close angle. I thought for a second that uncle is drunk, Mohan is out and the rest of them are all fast asleep as we were decorating the house during the morning hours. No other person was at the room but for me and her. So I slowly moved closer to her and quickly pushed her to the wall, held her hips tightly and kissed her lips for a long time.

She was struggling and wanted to shout, so I slowly moved my hands by squeezing her breast. I then lift her petticoat and inserted my finger in her pussy while kissing and because of she trying to block me, the sarry and the petticoat was torn. I slowly fingered her and finally she stopped struggling as she was helpless and she was feeling high after I fingered her. I then slowly carried her and placed her beside Uncle MANN on the same bed. She was slowly whispering telling me not to do it as she was my aunt and way too older than her. But I ripped off her pallu and tore her bra and started to suck and bite her breast. She was feeling the pain and moaned a little while saying “You bastard I am your aunty and you are molesting me.” I then pulled down my pants while on top of her and took out my 6 inch cock. I slowly pushed it in between her tits and fucked her titts. I then moved to her face and licked all over her face while sucking her lips and then I moved my hand to her pussy and fingered it as she was making loud moans. I then moved down to her pussy and started licking her pussy till she gets her orgasm. I then took my dick and inserted in her pussy and she screamed. I felt a big pain in my dick as I have never had sex before in my life. I then started to insert my dick and out but my dick can’t get a slick. So I thought where did I went wrong and asked my aunt what was wrong and she said “it is like that because you are having sex with your own aunt”. I replied “If you want it like that I got no problem as you will feel more pain then me as you are the one screaming”, and continued to insert my dick in and out and I felt like I want to die as it was painful. My aunt could not stand the pain and thus she said “Your dick has to be wet and that is done mostly when a girl sucks the guys cock. If only you didn’t suck my pussy so muck drinking all my orgasm, we could skip that. But I won’t suck your cock as you are just a small boy.” I got so angry that I took my dick to her mouth and demanded her to suck my dick but she refused to do so. I then bit my aunt’s pussy and she had to open her mouth to scream and I inserted my dick in her mouth. She tried not to suck it but I pushed my dick in and out non stop until she almost choked.

Then I took out my dick with a few drops of sperm falling out of my dick. I straightaway entered my dick in her pussy and fucked her non stop and she was screaming all the way. I was getting to horny to stop it there and took out my dick from her pussy and turned her body. I placed her body on top of uncle and fucked her doggy style and she had to maintain her position if not she will fall on uncle and he would know what was going and obviously will murder me but torture her to death as he will think she agreed to have sex with me. I fucked her non stop doggy style while squeezing her breast and spanking and biting her ass. I finally had to bust out so I turned her towards my side and inserted my dick in her mouth and in between her breasts continuously until my cum came out while in her mouth. I then carried her with all my might and started to bite her ass and breast and left her on the bathroom. I then took my video camera and brought it to the bathroom and fixed it there. She was so tired and asked me in a low tone voice why I am fixing the video camera there. I told her that I brought the video camera because later I have to use it. I went into the tub and sucked her breast and Jeyanthi said “Please leave me now I am too tired. You raped me in front of my own husband and hurt my body all over. I cannot take it anymore. Please leave me.” I told her only for a few more minutes. I then took her hand and pushed it on my head as if she is forcing me to suck her breast and suck her pussy. I then inserted my dick in her mouth and fucked her mouth. I lifted her up and bit her ass while spanking it and fucked her doggy style again. I then said I got to go and went off.

The next day, on the eve of Deepavali, I was sleeping as if I am dead to the world and was woken up by my mom. I then took the video camera which I was hiding and went out. I took my cousins bike and went to a friend’s house. I had some chit chat and came back home at 12 noon. When I came back, everybody were showing a sad face, I asked them what happened and they said that aunty is having a fever and cant follow them to the temple which is 150 kilometres away from the house. So none of them are going. I thought of having round two with my aunt. I then was passing my aunt’s room when I heard her telling uncle “Do you know what caused my fever. Something happened last night.” Uncle asked her what happened and I knew that aunt is going to say my name so I imitated my dad’s voice as if calling him. As he left the room, I entered in and told aunt “You dare not say anything you bloody hot bitch. I have recorded what we did in the morning on this video camera. If you tell uncle, I will run away from home and send this video all over the internet and can earn money through this movie. He will kill you too if he viewed this video thinking that you are the one who forced me to have sex.” She cried and said “Please don’t ruin my life. I won’t tell anything. Please don’t.” I said I won’t tell anyone as long as I have you again for tonight. So you have to request all the family members to the temple and tell that you want me to stay back and take care of you.” She said “But I am weak and I got fever. I am too tired and can’t go another round with you. Please leave me. I will give you all my money, please go to the prostitute tonight to fulfil your urges.” I said “I don’t give a fuck if you are sick or going to die. I need you tonight and why would I want to waste your money as you are my very own prostitute. It’s either you agree or you have to suffer the consequences.” She said after thinking for a long time “O.K but promise me you will return the tape to me and will never tell this to anyone.” I agreed.

She followed my orders. Then she came to see me and I gave her he tape and once again fucked her. I this time shoot my sperm on her pussy and she was in orgasm. She later told me everything is done. I told her “I think you were so happy having sex with me that you forgot to realize that I have fixed an auto movable video camera on the knob of the bed. So it has recorded the whole sex we had from the time you came in till the time you dressed up finish and is still recording.” She screamed while saying why you are doing this. I said there is one more which is called my revenge for not talking to me all this while and treating me like a dog.” I asked her to fall on her knees and I told her “I will now run and I want you to chase me while on your knees and your tongue out to suck my cock. If you never do I will start to send this video to everybody in this world.” I ran and she cried while she was chasing me and I felt pity for her and stopped. She sucked my cock like how I told her “suck it as if it is your god and you have never seen it before.” She was crying while doing this. I then pushed her to the ground and ripped off her skirt which she wore back and spat at my cock. I asked her to suck my cock. She did that too. I then carried her and spat at her face and spat in her mouth. I then told her she has made the biggest mistake in obeying me as the video camera is still running and it has recorded all her antics. I told her “Now you are my prostitute forever.”

After Deepavali was over and 1 week passed. We went to visit them and she was scared by looking at me. I told her I will give her back the tape if she could help me to get my mom. She said ok. And so we started planning for the upcoming birthday of my grandfather which is held day after tomorrow. I will write what happened to my experience with my mom in two days time. Anybody who are interested in my experience, please do send in your stories and a few pictures of your incest to [email protected]

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