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Hello friend i am Sanjay, 23 years old boy from Mumbai. It is a real story happened 1 month back. Firstly let me explain about me i am 24 years with height 5.10 i just don’t want to boost myself i am shy average looking guy with slim body but somehow manageable to grab attention…..I am looking for girl between 18 to 26 for having good relation like have friends to share each and everything even though sexual feeling.

I am graduate from A.P. came to Mumbai for job search i was staying with my uncle and aunt in there flat both of them are software employees use to go to work in morning 9 am and return at 6 pm in this mean while i only use to be at home alone they have no children, my life is very lonely till then i am to Mumbai i don’t have any girlfriend till i came to Mumbai.

Let me come to real story, as it is double bed room flat i have my own room with balcony with glass doors, i use to watch surrounding flats and apartments from my balcony, one afternoon when i am standing in balcony a girl from opposite apartment came out to balcony and drying her cloths i was shocked to see her because she is really friend were pretty girl with slim body, white complexion and height of 5. 7 tight breasts from her top, round shaped good asserts i don’t know much about.

Measurements like (32-34-32) so not mentioned. I was flat by seeing her she was north Indian. Realy gorgeous friends that day for the first time we exchanged the eye contacts unexpectedly but due to my shyness i changed my contact and pretended looking at the other side. That night i was unable to sleep by remembering her….4 days passed like that…..

Every day i was looking for her to come out to watch but due to no luck it took 4 days for me to see her again this time brought up courage and looking into her eyes and wished her by smiling she to replies positively by smile in this way we use to wish each other from one apartment to other apartment but we did not spoke to each other for 10 days. One fine day unexpectedly we met at nearby reliance fresh while shopping; i was with my uncle and aunt so i was not able to dare to speak much

With her i just asked her name… She replied with smile her name and asked me the same and exchanged eyes and smiles and left the place i thought, i missed the chance to speak with her due to presence of my uncle and aunt, i felt bad about the incident.

After 2 days again we met at road and spoke to each and came to know about her that she too in job search and staying with his brother and sister in law like my aunt and uncle they too are employees and she was like me shy girl.. I thought what a coincidence between us and left the place after 1 hour speaking before others notice us. I got a chance to get into opposite apartment why iam saying chance means u people know well flats means watchman use to watch and asks to who’s home i am going so i said chance..

To surprise her i went to her flat and rang bell she opened the door it was good to see her in her blue t-shirt and night track through them her asserts are well revealing; i was struck by seeing her asserts were as she was struck by seeing in front her door. Soon came to sense and said me to get in before any one see i entered into the flat she offered me to sit in sofa and she eagerly asked how did u entered into flat what u said to watch man and so, i said don’t worry i managed myself, after the she offered me drink sat for 1 hour and went on with conversion after the i thought to let get into the sex track and asked about do she have any boyfriends and sensitively dealt to ask her she fucked by any one. I was afraid after asking this question that she will through me of the flat, but she asked have u had sex

Then i said no chance for me till know i said.. She said then how do you think i had sex i too shy girl like you..

I smiled and replied to her even though you are shy but gorgeous girl… She smiled and i dared to ask her kiss but she got angry and said how can u ask me like that we 2 don’t even proposed even till know how do u asked? In this mean while i went near her and kissed on her check she pulled me back.. We sat idle for 2 mints and i felt sorry for thing and explained her about situation i am in “i am not able to control myself by seeing her so near to me.. And frankly explained about how i felt by seeing her in her blue t shirt and track and said her that your top is revealing you breasts to me i can scan you breast and i just want to touch them and sense them ” by these words she felt shame of herself and tried to cover her breasts with pillow but i said already i have scanned why to hide ” she asked me then what

You want…I said i want a good relationship with you and i gave her French kiss she too responded well and we exchanged our tongues for 10 mints and hugged each other and i tried to reveal her breasts she said plz no no no…I said her just to show to me she agreed to show and i was so excited to see her breasts she removed her t-shirt and take off her bra and show me her boobs…….I was shocked to see girls breasts for real, i have no word to speak by seeing them and tried to touch she objected but i convinced her to touch with my hands they felt really soft and good shaped i kissed her and breasts. And massaged for some time here there the real story comes all of sudden bell rang she adjusted herself and went to see from spied eye it is her sister in law she got afraid and said me hide

Some were but no opposition i don’t know much about their flat and unexpectedly i hided down of bed. She opened the door and sister in law asked why it took long; she said she is sleeping.. Sister in law went to her room and got relaxed i was still down of bed but managed to get out after 2 hrs. hiding but while going i was glanced by some members and complained to her brother and sister in law…Then after i did not see her i think “they came to know about this and send her back to her state ”

I felt myself most unluckiest boy in this world for missing such wonderful girl.

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