First time with a woman

I never really thought that I’ll ever experience that but it just happened. I did it with a friend just because we can lol. It really just happened without us planning on doing it. So we we’re just hanging out in her room and then decided to watch a girl to girl porn ‘cuz before that, we talked about what do they do during sexy time. Watching it with a friend doesn’t sounds so weird right? Until I got turned on and told her if we can try them. I don’t know what got into me but I asked her. She was hesitant at first but then I got her to say yes (we promised that it was for one time only and we’ll never talk about it). We started with a kiss and then proceeded with touching each other’s boobs. We then decided to undress each other and continued kissing after. I remember us being so into it that everything felt natural; like we already know what to do. I went down on her legs and eat her the way I wanted to be eaten. I even put my tongue inside her which made her moan so loud. It was sexy it turned me on so much. After that, I asked her if she do it for me too. So I rode her face while eating her pussy. After that, we put our pussies together just like in the porn we watched and moved our hips together. It felt so good. I never really thought that I would ever feel that good with a pussy but I enjoyed that day. We both came and ended it with a kiss. It felt so amazing. Wanna know what happened after that? We ended up not talking with each other lol. Anyway, never really regretted that day. It was fun.

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