First time I fucked a client in the VIP room [MF]

As stated in other posts, I did my first bit of dancing in LA upon turning 18. My manager gave me a tour of the club on my interview day, and took special note to mention where all the cameras were located and where they were not. Out of 15 or so VIP rooms, only one was in a “bad spot” as he called it, which is where the hallway turned and the camera could catch a glimpse inside if the curtains weren’t properly closed. 

At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with this bit of information, as I planned to just use my dancing background to earn a bit of $ while also showing some skin. Being an exhibitionist at heart, I was never repulsed by guys looking at me with lust. On the contrary, I quite enjoyed it.

Though I fucked a few clients there over time, I must confess I haven’t told a single soul about this, not even my friends who didn’t work there with me.

Most girls there worse enormous heels, and I joined the trend. They were a bit difficult to walk in at first, but I got used to them. I was told a ton of older guys were into them, and was a “staple” of the strip club industry. Go figure.

For the first two months or so, I didn’t really do too much except the one time a hot couple came in, which I’ve spoken about in the past. I think that adventure fully opened my eyes to the inner slut in me. I never really sought to fuck a client, but I definitely could make exceptions moving forward from that moment on.

This first exception occurred in the fall. I noticed him looking at me the moment I began my routine. We had 3 stages we’d progress through. The initial one was fully clothed, the second one topless, and the third one was fully nude if we wanted to. Usually girls only went full nude if they managed to gather a decent crowd of tippers as they progressed through the stages.

My secret admirer was wearing dress pants, a dress shirt tucked in, and a tie that was loosened up. Turned out he was a chemistry professor from a local high school. Quite a blunt move, I thought at first, until I remembered all of his students wouldn’t be able to find him there since it was 21+ to enter.

When I finished my set, he pulled me aside and told me he hadn’t seen a girl like me in all the times he frequented clubs. He was average looking at best, and I towered over him in my heels, but somehow his confidence turned me on. Most guys would shy away to look you in the eye without breaking contact. The fact he was also smart turned me on as well.

\-“I’d like a VIP dance” he said. -“Sure” I replied. He then asked me what I wanted to drink, which was a nice touch; he knew how the place ran. Usually for VIP we’d have to ask the guy for a drink for us the dancer, just so the club would get some extra money. This part always embarrassed me because usually VIP was five hundred plus for 30 mins or so. 

I remember that I had made up my mind before going to the back that if he escalated things I wouldn’t stop him. This made it easier to settle on the room for the dance; the one all the way to the back, away from all eyes. It had just happened to be the same room that I had my first “hot and heavy” encounter with that young couple. Besides, I hadn’t gotten properly fucked in a few weeks, and my body begged for some flesh as my vibrator was on life support at that point lol

He put his drink on a side table, emptied out his pockets, sat back, and unbuckled his pants. That was my first queue that he wanted more than just a dance. I raised my eyebrow and gave him a sly smile before turning around and closing the curtain around us. A slow Chris Brown tune had just began, which gave me the perfect opportunity to slowly grind on him.

I felt his cock, pressed against his left thigh. It felt like a brick. I purposely grinded my ass, in all of its bare glory, on his entire shaft through his pants fabric while looking back at him. -”That has got to be the best ass I’ve seen in my life” his words sounded sincere, which made me blush. 

He began to touch my breasts, focusing on my nipples, slowly, while breathing heavy into my ear. My absolute weakness. It wouldn’t take him long to notice the moisture on his pants if he kept doing that, I thought, so I turned around and straddled him, giving myself a few inches between his crotch and mine.

Both of his hands gripped my ass, then he ran his fingers up and down my back. -”Kiss me” he said, and we began to make out. Slowly, gently, our tongues danced. His hands on my ass, back up to my back, in one smooth rhythm. The fresh smell of his breath, coupled with his cologne (which to this day I haven’t’ smelled again) made the decision clear for me. I knew we wouldn’t get caught.

In one swift move, I reached over my purse and pulled out a condom. I always carried a few with me (better to be safe than sorry). I then unzipped his pants, reached in and rescued his cock from his leg. The warmth of his dick in my hand, throbbing and at my mercy let me know there was no going back.

I slipped on the condom, and slipped my wet pussy into his cock. I’ve been told I ride dick like a champ before, so I put my best effort forward. Both my hands on his chest, I began to fuck his cock at will. It must’ve been at least six inches slipping in and out of me. It was delicious. He began to grunt and moan, unable to say a word other than -”oh, fuck that’s good” here and there. 

I would tease him by riding him just at the tip for a good 5-10 seconds. Every guy loves this. Then I would swallow his cock whole and ride him up and down his entire shaft. Then back up to the tip. You repeat this process, ladies, and any man will be at your fingertips.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum just by riding him, but for some reason I didn’t care. -”Fuck me until you cum, professor” I ordered. He obeyed, placing his hands on my ass, and fucking me. He was pounding me now, his balls clapping against my ass which draped behind me. His breathing picked up, and before I knew it he was cumming. It was a good thing he wore a rubber, as I felt his cock gush cum a good 6 or 7 times. The condom was flooded with cum.

I dismounted him, handed him a few tissues to wrap the evidence into, gave him a kiss, and back to the stage I went, glowing and proud of myself

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